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All information that you have provided during registration is available in this tab. You can edit all data to keep your profile up to date.

Profile information is grouped into the following categories:

  • Services & Rates - list of all services you are willing to provide with rates and calculation units.
  • Experience* - information about your education and previous work.
  • Contact - how to contact you.
  • Payments - your preferred payment method, related payment details and billing address.


*The experience group is available in your profile if you are registered as a freelancer. This group will not be visible if you are registered as a part of a translation agency.


To edit profile data, click Edit. In some cases data changes need to be confirmed. The requirement of such confirmation is always indicated.

Submit changes with Send request. The Portal will send a notification about the update request. When your changes are accepted, you will get a notification and the changes will become visible in your profile. If the update is rejected, you will also get a notification.

Click Discard to cancel all changes and leave the edit mode. If you want to cancel the changes after you have send the change request, you can do it as long as they are not approved. Go to your profile and click Cancel change request.


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