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The Jobs module is a preview of all jobs assigned to your profile. All past, present and future work in one place easy to browse and search through.


The overview table gives you the most important details of the job including the name and the type of job, language pair and the deadline. The deadline is the time and date by which completed target files must me uploaded back to the Portal.

Click on the job and it opens in Job Manager.

Jobs in progress and Pending jobs

Jobs in progress is a list of all jobs you are currently working on or the ones you can start right away, all files are available and all preceding steps are complete.

Pending jobs is a list of all jobs currently on hold, maybe the source files are not ready yet or preceding steps are not completed.

Ready jobs

Ready jobs is the list of all jobs which have been completed, target files are uploaded and the job is closed.

Filter ready jobs to find what you are looking for more quickly:

  • All ready jobs - the list of all closed jobs regardless of the invoice status.
  • Not invoiced - the jobs are done but the invoice has not been created yet.
  • Invoiced and not paid - the invoice has been created and send but there is no payment yet.
  • Invoiced and paid - the payment for this job has been made.



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