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Move your account from the old Partner Zone to the new Vendor Portal.

To migrate your account from the Partner Zone to the Vendor Portal, it is crucial that you use your login to sign up. During this migration process, your account is recognized only by your login. If you have lost or forgotten your login or password, please contact us and we will send them to you.


In the Partner Zone, you could use one account for all users. With the Vendor Portal, apart from your general account, all users have individual personal accounts. Use your Partner Zone login and password to sign up to the Vendor Portal. The Portal will recognize you only by your login and will ask you to select one of the accounts already existing in your company. Find your account on the list and click Select. Use Create New Account to add a new account to your company profile.

To use an existing account, confirm the information obtained from the Partner Zone. To create an account for a new contact person, fill in some basic information.


Click Terms & Conditions to review them. Select the tick box to accept. The acceptance of terms is obligatory to proceed.

Use Sign up to complete the process and create your personal account.






The Portal will send you an e-mail with a confirmation link. Use the link to confirm the actions you have taken. The Vendor Portal is now ready to use.


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