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This is a list of changes between minor versions of XTRF Platform 2014 Autumn 3.4.x.






Supported Versions

Support of XTRF Platform version 2014 Autumn (3.4) expired on October 21, 2015. Therefore, please note that the 3.4.61 version of XTRF Platform is the latest available minor version of the 3.4.x release.





Ticket No.Description
XTRF-23888Minor Improvement: Viewing Client Payments
XTRF-23926Task: Handling expressions in Client Invoices



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-23742Minor Improvement: Creating Project Tasks with "latest payment due date" expression



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-23704Minor Improvement: Uploading CAT Analysis file



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-23248Minor Improvement: Issue while creating Quote
XTRF-23619Minor Improvement: Files and folders flow while converting Quote to Project



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-23514Minor Improvement: Text in Client Notes



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-23298Minor Improvement: Copying files from Input to Output



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-23241Minor Improvement: Quote Expiry reminders not sent for rejected quotes



Ticket No.Description
HPSALES-33Minor Improvement: Disabling possibility to add inactive Sales Person to opportunity



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-23191Minor Improvement: Fixing Show Warning for Jobs Attempted to be Finished without Output Files option in Workflow Definition



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-23047Minor Improvement: Saving and updating Feedback/Evaluation for a language
XTRF-23155Minor Improvement: Improving Quote Conversion



Ticket No.Description
VP-187Minor Improvement: Creating job invoice



Minor Improvement: Creating invoice in Vendor Portal



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-22769Minor Improvement: Enhancing job evaluation filters



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-22672Minor Improvement: Improving integration with Memsource



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-22582Minor Improvement: Bundle flow in workflows while clearing database
XTRF-22624Minor Improvement: Filtering rule for a particular job's request



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-21246Minor Improvement: Moving directories when converting from Quote to Project
XTRF-22271Minor Improvement: "Show values" button active state
XTRF-22470Minor Improvement: Notifying customer when requesting quote in Customer Portal
XTRF-22474Minor Improvement: Adding terminology rights for editors in XTM
XTRF-22504Minor Improvement: Pretranslation using machine translation in memoQ integration
XTRF-22509Minor Improvement: Incorrect ES spelling
XTRF-22526Minor Improvement: Using parameters from Workflow Definition for task created with memoQ / Memsource
XTRF-22539Minor Improvement: Customer selection when using Internet Explorer
XTRF-22584Minor Improvement: Issue when creating a quote using a contact linked to the client
XTRF-22598Minor Improvement: Improving Logs Browser for QuickBooks integration



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-22383Minor Improvement: Issue with sending e-mails
XTRF-22391Minor Improvement: Re-entering system
XTRF-22424Minor Improvement: Issue with Catalan (CA-ES) and SDL integration



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-22136Minor Improvement: memoQ Integration - Provider assignment
XTRF-22191Minor Improvement: Periodic Jobs: XML parser dependency
XTRF-22199Minor Improvement: Issue with invoice editing positions
XTRF-22271Minor Improvement: "Show values" button active state
XTRF-22293Minor Improvement: Project re-opened for an unknown reason
XTRF-22317Minor Improvement: Vendors assignments in Memsource
XTRF-22324Minor Improvement: Editing a Project with multiple language combinations
XTRF-22326Minor Improvement: Option 'Active' in e-mail theme



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-21813Minor Improvement: Move directories for Task
XTRF-22216Minor improvement: Automatic Deadline Calculation



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-17361Minor Improvement: CRM: Edit Customer profile
XTRF-22052Minor Improvement: Customers: adding Resource
XTRF-22152Minor Improvement: Create Project with Customer Profile edited



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-17785Minor Improvement: Work Log - User Group Setting - design issue
XTRF-18987Minor Improvement: Creating Project from Project Template - Customer Rates
XTRF-22088Minor Improvement: Creating Project from Project Template - active conversation context



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-21900Minor Improvement: Error when adding a customer workflow resource to a workflow
XTRF-20936Minor Improvement: Provider Account Statement sending
XTRF-19330Minor Improvement: Assigning approved providers in the Availability Requests
XTRF-18924Minor Improvement: Date format in a workflow graph
XTRF-13532Minor Improvement: Quote Confirmation pop-up window



Ticket No.Description

Minor Improvement: Unarchiving project

XTRF-21838Minor Improvement: Minimum charge for "Create Item for Each Task Receivable"
XTRF-21724Minor Improvement: Enter dashboard
XTRF-20824Minor Improvement: Repeated expections
XTRF-19329Minor Improvement: When task is cancelled, job statuses can be changed  uncancel the task
XTRF-18240Minor Improvement: Work log time line blinks while clicking "add" and data is invalid
XTRF-16536Minor Improvement: CK Editor issues



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-21729Minor Improvement: Home directory duplicated in directories with ${projectOrQuoteDir}
XTRF-21533Minor Improvement: Exception message when going to main contact after enabling Customer Portal / Partner Zone Access Allowed
XTRF-21497Minor Improvement: Temporary files removed
XTRF-17525Minor Improvement: Price List name edition
XTRF-15544Minor Improvement: Email template format changed with upgrade



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-21639Minor Improvement: Last email sending error  shown properly in undeliverable messages
XTRF-21602Minor Improvement: Upgrade from 3.3 to 3.4 - issue while creating unique index "xtrf_language_symbol_key"
XTRF-21591Minor Improvement: Restoring theme styles
XTRF-21580Minor Improvement: Basic menu tabs in the Home Portal
XTRF-21522Minor Improvement: Saving SMS template work
XTRF-21512Minor Improvement: Entering Project module
XTRF-17506Minor Improvement: Deleting jobs remove appropriate folders
XTRF-15242Minor Improvement: Project workflow - project task name



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-15551Fixed: Being able to send availability request when a provider is already selected
XTRF-18284Fixed: Create mailing list - cursor does not move to pop-up window
XTRF-19446Fixed: Add Selected Recipients" under Action button does not work.
XTRF-20716Fixed: Specific Evaluation column displays "N/A" in export
XTRF-20901Fixed: Salesforce integration hangs
XTRF-21190Fixed: Project with external system does not use settings from system configuration
XTRF-21421Fixed: Quote is not converted into project after customer acceptance
XTRF-21435Fixed: Added rates deleted from receivables



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-20696Fixed: Non-unique provider personal file directory
XTRF-21190Fixed: Project with external system does not use settings from the system configuration
XTRF-21419Fixed:The Customer Portal stops working when I want to upload a second file with the same name





Ticket No.Description
XTRF-19823Fixed: Issue with playing video
XTRF-20107Fixed: Duplicated files in task output when last job is restarted and closed second time
XTRF-20567Fixed: Picture size is not working in E-mail Theme
XTRF-21301Fixed: Multiple choice in provider status filter in "Select Providers Manually" (Requests) not working
XTRF-21346Fixed: Refresh Input Files always copies input files
XTRF-21369Exception when saving e-mail template - No test entity found for name: Activity 



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-18236Fixed: Payment registration - placeholder is always in English
XTRF-18398Fixed: Vendor Portal: inconsistency while resetting password
XTRF-21228Fixed: Broken link for XTRF logo in emails
XTRF-21267Fixed: Customer Portal search results delete while browsing result page



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-17991Fixed: Issue with table lines in the Invoice browse
XTRF-20938Fixed: Issue with SDL Trados Studio packages containing subfolders when XTRF Platform is installed on Linux
XTRF-21178Fixed: Vendor portal GUI covering buttons

Fixed: Vendor token - open job for a person without Vendor Portal account



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-16886Fixed: Receivables / Payables - design issue
XTRF-16986Fixed: Filters do not show the selection items right away in Internet Explorer 11
XTRF-18799Fixed: Exception while creating contact person and clicking Show Profile before saving
XTRF-20113Fixed: Vendor Portal does not show any labels in not supported language
XTRF-20182Fixed: While creating email template the email template type cannot be changed
XTRF-20331Fixed: Incorrect vendor profile applied
XTRF-20730Fixed: Memsource & XTM Edit token from Job Manager not working
XTRF-20731Fixed: In workflows with SDL Trados Studio integration, when using CAT tool action for creating packages, the "package for [job]" tab is missing
XTRF-20835Fixed: XTRF does not reuse external project even if no changes were made
XTRF-20927Fixed: Duplicate key value violates unique constraint "meta_directory_name_key"
XTRF-20939Fixed: Issue when clicking "I am available" in Availability Request
XTRF-21084Fixed: User is not able to edit anything or change pages in the CRM
XTRF-21126Fixed: Links to external systems (Memsource and XTM) are not working



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-17794Fixed: Invoicing - problem with localisation of date format
XTRF-18154Fixed: Job Manager - bad behavior of tool tip
XTRF-18443Fixed: Error when trying to access Partner Management -> Vendor Portal
XTRF-18741Fixed: Invoicing - problem with invoice which value is zero
XTRF-19360Fixed: Dates - problem with localisation of months
XTRF-19685Fixed: Default email theme showing with errors
XTRF-20381Fixed: "Clear Filter when Selecting This View" not working properly if unchecked
XTRF-20488Fixed: Unable to switch to certain worklog activities
XTRF-20688Fixed: Files not moved from file preparation to language specific task
XTRF-20689Fixed: Exception: Method not found when provider trying to confirm Invoice
XTRF-20706Fixed: Copying a task breaks connection between task on the project level and language-specific task
XTRF-20755Fixed: SDL Trados Studio project creation failure when creating CAT analysis of files is required and Scan task is selected (GUI changes only)
XTRF-20781Fixed: Exception when going to projects from customers profile



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-16601Fixed: Exception when searching for projects by filenames
XTRF-17538Fixed: Source Language and Target Language filters do not work
XTRF-17701Fixed: Customers and Providers creation - redundant popup about unsaved changes
XTRF-17776Fixed: Invoice creating - problem with formatting
XTRF-18043Fixed: Vendor Portal confusing message
XTRF-18045Fixed: Progress bar for files upload in Job Manager not working in IE
XTRF-18519Fixed: Availability Request (task) - problem with selecting
XTRF-18819Fixed: Duplicate Price List does not copy the rates
XTRF-18820Fixed: Duplicate Price Profile does not copy the rates
XTRF-19742Fixed: VP: Unable to create invoice
XTRF-19814Fixed: Availability Request when provider is selected for a job is being sent twice
XTRF-20091Fixed: [VP] Missing error message when invoice cannot be submitted
XTRF-20267Fixed: Configurable database per test
XTRF-20344Fixed: Cannot edit email templates for providers
XTRF-20381Fixed: "Clear Filter when Selecting This View" not working properly if unchecked
XTRF-20410Fixed: Cannot enter rate value of 0.14 in Vendor Portal
XTRF-20476Fixed: SDL Trados Studio integration: File Type Identifier missing, unable to verify files
XTRF-20492Fixed: Provider Personal Files Directory not created when creating from Vendor Portal
XTRF-20552Fixed: Broken image link in email footer
XTRF-20584Fixed: White pages when trying to create project, view quotes and more
XTRF-20596Fixed: Words cut off / wrapped strangely on vendor selection (old) browses



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-19244Fixed: "Synchronize All" button does not synchronize a task output directory
XTRF-20056Fixed: Email sent twice - E-mail/SMS to Provider: When provider is selected for a job
XTRF-20117Kilgray ends support of old versions of memoQ: 2013 R2 6.8
XTRF-20285Fixed: Bad column width when manually selecting vendors in Availability Requests
XTRF-20295Fixed: Global Notifications override does not work
XTRF-20347Fixed: Client is redirected to Customer Portal after accepting quote
XTRF-20420Fixed: Unnecessary bins in numbering schemes



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-19835Fixed: Test for Base Quote Directory gives Exception: No test entity found for name: Quote
XTRF-19985Fixed: Keep the same column width in both tables: select vendor price profile for job and for availability request
XTRF-20185Fixed: Images in emails do not work when Customer Portal API is disabled



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-19586Fixed: No 'sent on' date after closing the task



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-16749Fixed: "XTRF Macros" option is missing from Actions in "Invoiced Created" tab in Provider Invoices
XTRF-16953Fixed: Confirmation message missing after multiple change is executed & successfully finished
XTRF-18232Fixed: Error when trying to edit Customer Contact Person without saving
XTRF-19613Fixed: Exception when trying to edit view
XTRF-19661Show reason why support token login failed
XTRF-19783Fixed: memoQ CSV analysis cannot be imported (format not supported)
XTRF-20028Fixed: System halts while generating business report
XTRF-20053Fixed: Report cannot be generated in a standard version
XTRF-20065Fixed: Incorrect TM Savings Item's Weighted Value incorrect on Customer Invoices
XTRF-20083Fixed: Work log entry edit automatically changes activity type



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-14408Fixed: AC - E-mail - edit custom format - requires clicking Save every time
XTRF-15082Fixed: Advanced Configuration - E-mail - Incorrect custom format of e-mail sender name
XTRF-15129Fixed: Problem with Columns in business report
XTRF-16065Fixed: Hidden Fields - message "Your changes have been saved." doesn't appear after saving
XTRF-16252Fixed: Message "Data was modified by another user" does not appear
XTRF-16340Fixed: System values - problem with Calculation unit
XTRF-16531Fixed: Change name of string filter type from "regular expression" to "wildcard"
XTRF-17003Fixed: Too long underline
XTRF-17049Fixed: Invalid custom fields visible in filter parameter selection in resource selection rule in workflow definition
XTRF-17124Fixed: Error when trying to invoice quote task
XTRF-17514Fixed: When uploading file to a workflow, selecting resources and trying to add a resource, the window only reloads and adding is not possible
XTRF-17519Fixed: Order of entries on timeline not preserved
XTRF-17654Fixed: Unable to log out while previewing the Work Log Timeline
XTRF-17765Fixed: AC - Quotes/Projects - Offer Expiry Time in Days - issues
XTRF-17871Fixed: Workflow definition - Time and Requests - design issue
XTRF-17961Fixed: When e-mail about quote conversion is incorrect, quote conversion fails
XTRF-18142Fixed: Incorrect page title during initialization (with error or without)
XTRF-18171Fixed: Many Job Types blocks filter resizing
XTRF-18466Fixed: Job trash icon in wrong place on workflow graph
XTRF-19549Fixed: Update activated and marked as default the built-in customer invoice document template
XTRF-19550Fixed: Notes in Provider view show HTML formatting tags
XTRF-19590Fixed: Unable to mark invoices as fully paid through the multiple change
XTRF-19616Fixed: Unable to finalize project with XTM integration
XTRF-19681Fixed: Incorrect message when files for customer are not available in ZIP
XTRF-19690Fixed: Permission Exception when creating invoice from task when no right to edit invoices but with right to create
XTRF-19711Fixed: Problem with invalid JPG file
XTRF-19780Fixed: Reports are empty after sorting by Report Type column
XTRF-19804Fixed: Unable to create numbering scheme for pro forma
XTRF-19825Fixed: Exception when trying to export complaints against providers



Please mind that if you want to update your XTRF Platform to the 3.4.22 version you need to upgrade JBoss Application Server.

Ticket No.Description
XTRF-15145Fixed: E-mail template name from an inactive localization is shown in Browse and when selecting template for a workflow job
XTRF-16295Fixed: Restore Defaults button in numbering scheme doesn't restore Identifier Evaluation Rule
XTRF-16532Fixed: Work Log Entries - problem with list - design issue
XTRF-17853Fixed: Work Log - Unable to see job type
XTRF-17922Fixed: Workflow Graph - design issue
XTRF-19325Fixed: Default country is not suggested, instead a preferred country is suggested
XTRF-19412Fixed: Default Customer Invoice category missing when configuring Customer Invoice
XTRF-19477Fixed: Deja Vu HTML analysis file incompatible
XTRF-19497Fixed: User is not notified about invoice created by vendor in VP, when there was no specification
XTRF-19509Fixed: Numbering scheme changes back to default when adding another invoice template
XTRF-19565Fixed: Choosing Work Log activity 'Meeting' switches automatically to 'Customers meeting / Business trip'
XTRF-19582Fixed: Job changes the status to Ready when we refuse to finish the job without uploading output files
XTRF-19621Fixed: Missing headers in Advanced configuration\Dashboard



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-16189Fixed: User Info Card - address is always empty
XTRF-16410Fixed: PM who is inactive is changed while converting quote into project
XTRF-19311Fixed: Login and upload issues in several browsers in Customer Portal
XTRF-19344Ensure that updated version of WeLocalize works well
XTRF-19370Fixed: CAT grid doesn't upload non-translatables words from XTM analysis



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-13852Fixed: Error message is missing when creating provider invoice for activities with nobody selected
XTRF-13931Fixed: Duplicate - strange message appears when project doesn't have a deadline
XTRF-14854Fixed: Problem with Preferred / Complete List
XTRF-15092Fixed: Problem with Payment Notes
XTRF-15794Fixed: Project workflow - problem with deadline
XTRF-16807Fixed: Unable to delete invoice due to missing deadline in a task
XTRF-17055Fixed: SMS Broker - it's possible to save without username and password
XTRF-19388Fixed: Footer is corrupting all document templates



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-12048As PM, I want Deja Vu TXT analyses to be recognized
XTRF-17160Fixed: getOwnerAddressDisplay() and getDefaultSystemCurrency() methods on systemConfiguration don't display anything
XTRF-17211Fixed: Branch - improve pop up when upload logo in wrong format
XTRF-18929Ensure support for memoQ 2014 R2 (7.5)
XTRF-18978Fixed: Problem with directory paths with a line break
XTRF-19049Fixed: Expire date is not always visible
XTRF-19235If no rights to a given entity in CP, show no black message and make no impression of clickable area
XTRF-19239Add getActivity, getTask, getProject, getQuote to ReminderSnapshot
XTRF-19262Fixed: LISA evaluation always being calculated into 1 star
XTRF-19274Fixed: Unsupported SDL Trados CAT analysis file for Japanese texts



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-17539Fixed: An issue with Preferred languages when creating a language combination
XTRF-18881Fixed: Changes not displayed on profile change review page
XTRF-19081Fixed: Slow system after update up to 10min and more
XTRF-19175Fixed: TM Savings remember rounding policy they were created with
XTRF-19178Fixed: Receivable from workflow definition does not work when quote is requested from portal
XTRF-19185Add default Norwegian document templates
XTRF-19232Fixed: Unable to accept changes in provider profile



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-12401Fixed: Task - problem with accepting files
XTRF-14870Fixed: Remove incorrect message when opening invalid URL
XTRF-17851Fixed: Templates/Numbering Schemes - Test returns old values
XTRF-18169Fixed: Some invoiced jobs are not available in VP
XTRF-18407Fixed: Vendor - Exception while trying to edit Percent of rates of Matches in XTRF configuration
XTRF-18477Introduce Guide for each module in Home Portal
XTRF-18479Fixed: Problem with quality of images in Customer Portal
XTRF-18950Fixed: Exception when opening Memsource links
XTRF-18966Fixed: Suggested activities are related to currently logged user, not the user who the entry was created for
XTRF-19056Fixed: Business Reports - problem with some chart when database is empty
XTRF-19079Fixed: Automatic actions in SDL Trados Studio integration fail when log files are assigned to them
XTRF-19080Fixed: 'Finish job' button in Partner Zone is inactive
XTRF-19085Fixed: Dot in directory template not replaced with underscore
XTRF-19087Fixed: Unable to duplicate a workflow
XTRF-19091Fixed: Wrong PM assigned to PM check job



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-15464Get rid of the old menu altogether + little welcome page update
XTRF-16490Add custom fields to project API
XTRF-17158Fixed: Problem with non-breaking spaces in e-mails
XTRF-18116Fixed: Previews of notification templates aren’t available
XTRF-18272Correct default Workflow Job directory paths so they stay unique
XTRF-18511Fixed: Exception when trying to "Change status to Invoice created" on multiple items
XTRF-18635Fixed: Incorrect behavior of licence refresh
XTRF-18726Work Log ping request too frequent
XTRF-18730Fixed: Registration - 3 step - unable to see pagination
XTRF-18733Improve behavior / message when saving two identical rates
XTRF-18783Fixed: Provider cannot be deleted. It is used in other parts of the system
XTRF-18829Fixed: Problem with CAT tool action that fetches packages from CAT tool and saves them as reference files (files cannot be seen in job output and are saved to task input to a bundle that is not assigned as read/write to the job)
XTRF-18847Fixed: Unable to fetch package from CAT tool due to problems with bundle assignment and finishing job despite the error
XTRF-18853Fixed: Date Format not applied in Document Templates edit mode
XTRF-18971Fixed: Incorrectly rounded CAT quantity



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-16490Add custom fields to project API
XTRF-17158Fixed: Problem with non-breaking spaces in e-mails
XTRF-18014Fixed: Script not responding on Vendor portal
XTRF-18181Enable editing availability request email before sending it to multiple vendors
XTRF-18188Add Rate Detail column in Select Provider window
XTRF-18632Fixed: Exception while trying to import quantity from receivable to payable (java.lang.NullPointerException)
XTRF-18678Fixed: Browses - Virtual columns are still visible after deleting
XTRF-18684External process: add post action which only sets action's status one step back (to Accepted)
XTRF-18696Fixed: Files missing from Customer Notification ZIP
XTRF-18705Fixed: When using Copy Task in project workflows, bundles are set incorrectly
XTRF-18724Fixed: Unable to finish registration for freelancer
XTRF-18725Fixed: Registration - unable to see top areas on display mode
XTRF-18760Fixed: Migration failure due to missing data



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-13037Fixed: Multiple action for stopping all periodic jobs in the system doesn't work
XTRF-14701Fixed: Problem with generating snapshots causes problems with generating customer receivable invoice item name/unit
XTRF-17082Enable automatic generation of the LQA scorecard
XTRF-17747Fixed: Nulls in cached virtual columns
XTRF-17850Fixed: XTRF crashes on big projects
XTRF-18141Fixed: Missing spaces in emails when text formatting is applied
XTRF-18165Fixed: Vendor account removed from Home Portal but vendor portal login still works
XTRF-18277Fixed: Incorrect tag suggestions in External Process settings
XTRF-18441Fixed: Work Log - changes are not applied immediately
XTRF-18483Fixed: Unable to open a Memsource resources link
XTRF-18520Fixed: Minimum charge is not applied for CAT payables created through SDL Trados Studio integration
XTRF-18549Fixed: Discounts & surcharges saved in incorrect order
XTRF-18559Fixed: Archiving projects path-> Unrelative to home-> does not work
XTRF-18564Fixed: Checkboxes in Editor Options should not stay checked upon saving after unchecking them in a macro
XTRF-18579Fixed: Empty files on output
XTRF-18586Fixed: In the Diagram section of report creation, the link to Google Chart manual is incorrect
XTRF-18606Fixed: Error caused by RoundFirst strategy (/ by zero)
XTRF-18609Fixed: After creating invoice, info about ignored minimum charge is no longer displayed
XTRF-18673Fixed: Database migration fails



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-13623Reply-To address should optionally be From address in XTRF e-mails
XTRF-18334Fixed: Remove deprecated SDL Trados Studio resource migration
XTRF-18456Fixed: Reduce I/O usage by JavaMelody
XTRF-18568Fixed: Company Profile doesn't work properly



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-17575Fixed: Error when adding comments and finishing job in Job Manager
XTRF-17952Fixed: Cannot shrink down the Filter Panel in Notifications > Templates on Chrome
XTRF-18086Make calculation (rounding) of TM Savings configurable
XTRF-18175Improve how assigning Work Log activities to user groups work
XTRF-18234Fixed: Unable to change a password in Customer Portal
XTRF-18282Fixed: Periodic Jobs not working - Customer Feedback - Exception: no session or session was closed
XTRF-18306Fixed: Problem transferring files through project workflow with quote phase
XTRF-18388Fixed: Work Log - cannot add entry
XTRF-18390Fixed: XTRF doesn't accept XTM analyses with some specific tags
XTRF-18394Fixed: Potential performance problems caused by work log
XTRF-18395Fixed: Work Log throws exception when a later time is entered before earlier one
XTRF-18406Fixed: Error while using the Import TM function
XTRF-18414Fixed: Vendor Portal incorrect logo crop
XTRF-18426Fixed: Job Manager - unable to save comments
XTRF-18440Fixed: Exception when creating resource without any file
XTRF-18449Fixed: Filtering by Overall Evaluation in Provider Browse returns wrong results
XTRF-18474Fixed: Exception when opening Customer Feedback
XTRF-18530Fixed: Better logo alignment



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-17505Fixed: Exception on Dashboard
XTRF-17825Fixed: Filter subscription Periodic Job executed with error
XTRF-18001Fixed: Profile - localisation issue
XTRF-18114Fixed: File Statistics isn’t available as a Class Name for a virtual column
XTRF-18254Fixed: When a client submits a request via the client portal Discount / Surcharge is not applied
XTRF-18268System values - Work Log Activities - change label: "Allow Associating with System Area"
XTRF-18291Fixed: Exception in job
XTRF-18302Fixed: Cannot send invoice payment reminders
XTRF-18338Fixed: Overdue invoice reminder - periodic job does not work
XTRF-18340Fixed: Time Control Synchronization problem - unable to find view
XTRF-18346Fixed: Error rendering Default column on resource browse



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-17983Fixed: Tax No. fields incorrect in import
XTRF-18004Fixed: Profile - Contact person edit - problem with gender
XTRF-18054Fixed: Problem when uploading large files via job manager
XTRF-18083Fixed: Error 400 when trying to see invoices
XTRF-18087Fixed: Invoice browse - non localisable label
XTRF-18090Fixed: Job Offers - problem with empty deadline
XTRF-18149Revert some changes in behavior of Velocity Engine
XTRF-18167Fixed: Work log - unable to log time (invalid argument)
XTRF-18172Fixed: Error while trying to open an XTRF macro in edit mode
XTRF-18183Fixed: Duplicate currencies created
XTRF-18203Fixed: Problem with licence
XTRF-18224Fixed: Create invoice - Jobs to be invoiced - delete doesn't work
XTRF-18254Fixed: When a client submits a request via the client portal Discount / Surcharge is not applied



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-16453API access management
XTRF-16455Main page for main system's API
XTRF-17773Fixed: Grouping separator is not applied in "without currency" columns
XTRF-17803Add 'use strict'; at the beginning of all JS files
XTRF-17839Fixed: Create CAT Payable option is grayed out when Create CAT Receivable option is disabled
XTRF-17842Create 3 simple searches within quotes, projects and invoices
XTRF-17852Fixed: You are unauthorised to view this page message is not localizable
XTRF-17866Update favicons and add to Customer Portal
XTRF-17901Fixed: Resources - localisation problem with Cyrillic
XTRF-17920Empty database - default customer must be "active"
XTRF-17951Fixed: Unable to close a project with memoQ integration
XTRF-17962Fixed: When e-mail about quote conversion is incorrect and quote conversion fails, there is no trace of either of these problems in the logs
XTRF-17976Fixed: Unable to perform Prepare Packages after External Project Finalization
XTRF-17985Fixed: Linked provider - problem with profile
XTRF-17994Fixed: Login to customer portal is not possible due to timeout
XTRF-18002Fixed: Profile - Work Experience - missing labels of months
XTRF-18006Fixed: Not possible to download or preview invoices in Customer Portal
XTRF-18009Fixed: Incorrectly set deadlines for jobs
XTRF-18021XTRF-18017 Replace select component with more friendly version
XTRF-18041Fixed: Unable to create a Virtual Column for several classes
XTRF-18072Fixed: Issues in QuickBooks Synchronization



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-15255Remove constraint checking if provider's email address is unique in any subdomain of XTRF
XTRF-15334Fixed: Adjust pop-up width to its content
XTRF-16279Fixed: System values - Job Types - wrong menu
XTRF-16405Add support for MHTML files of SDL Trados
XTRF-16409Fixed: Accepting quote in Customer Portal causes error, although quote is actually accepted
XTRF-16489Add custom fields to quote API
XTRF-16491Add custom fields to customer API
XTRF-16492Add custom fields to contact person API
XTRF-16727Fixed: Ignored white space characters in notifications
XTRF-16742Add support for SDL Trados Studio "Word Count" HTM & XLS analysis with custom match thresholds
XTRF-16804Move customer section above Quote/Project details, when creating a new entity
XTRF-17303Fixed: 5 icons on a workflow job box overflow on Workflow Graph tab
XTRF-17413Fixed: Localized name not showing up in customer portal properly
XTRF-17534Disable "Sign in" button when login empty
XTRF-17601Add favicon to Home Portal login page
XTRF-17713Add keyboard support to dropdown component
XTRF-17726Fixed: ${activity.providerSpecialInstructions} tag showing nothing
XTRF-17741Fixed: Bad message when e-mail "Job started" is broken
XTRF-17786Fixed: Work log - User Group Settings - incorrect behavior of the icon
XTRF-17789Fixed: User - Group - hide inactive items
XTRF-17790Fixed: User Group - unable to activate/deactivate
XTRF-17800Fixed: Jobs - Jobs in progress / Pending jobs - column "Default" cannot be empty
XTRF-17820Fixed: Exception in macro editor
XTRF-17845Fixed: Approval thank you message sent to PM instead of client
XTRF-17847Fixed: Exception when trying to send multiple provider invoices
XTRF-17858Fixed: Total is broken into 2 lines, because grouping separator is a space
XTRF-17861API for 3 simple searches within quotes, projects and invoices
XTRF-17863UI: Create searches within quotes, projects, invoices
XTRF-17883Add custom fields to provider API
XTRF-17910Fixed: Error message - design problem
XTRF-17924Fixed: Default Contact person not being used in API projects
XTRF-17928Fixed: QuickBooks synchronization failing
XTRF-17930Fixed: Jobs - problem with sorting
XTRF-17970Fixed: Vendor Portal doesn't work properly