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There is a list of all enhancements and updates available in version 2014 Autumn (3.4). 

New Work Log

  • New Summary tab in the Work Log function. Preview the summary of all of your activities from a day.
  • More transparent way of presenting the Work Log entries in the daily timeline.
  • Fully customizable list of activities. Add or remove activities according to your individual needs.
  • Work Log settings per user group. Possibility to enable or disable the Work Log function for selected user groups.
  • List of activities specific for a user group. You can select a list of activities that is unique for each group of users, correlated with the group characteristics.
  • The Work Log menu. This is an easy way to select en activity and to access your timeline.
  • Four new default business reports that show the activities of the system users. You can also create more reports based on this data on your own.

Customer Portal

  • Branch logo visible for the customer. Your customer will now see the logo of the branch they are assigned to.
  • You can access Memsource for customer review from the Dashboard in the Customer Portal.
  • A default price list per customer. If your customer has many price lists you can select the one that is to be used for all upcoming orders in the portal. You can still allow your customers to select one of their price lists when they create an order.
  • General document type name for invoices visible at download gives you more clarity with document management.
  • Presenting approximate file statistics on the "request a quote"/"launch a project" form is now optional.

Vendor Portal

  • The final version of the Vendor Portal is now available.
  • The new Holiday module in Vendor Portal. Vendors can give information about planned absence or a holiday.
  • Vendors can also upload their invoice files directly to the Vendor Portal with the new Invoice module.
  • The main link to Vendor Portal has changed. New link contains: /vendors. Links containing /providers will still work to ensure compatibility.

To learn more on how to start using the new Vendor Portal go to: How Can I Use the Vendor Portal?.


  • XTM integration now supports the LQA (Linguistic Quality Check) functionality.
  • Memsource integration now allows for using Memsource project templates.
  • Changes in Home Portal job status (i.e. to ready or canceled) or deleting the job will affect the status of Memsource jobs.
  • New Memsource login method. Vendors' Memsource password is no longer necessary and is not visible in the vendor profile.
  • Memsource project can be accessed directly from the External Systems tab and also the Memsource general settings can be opened from the external system configuration.
  • In integrations with all CAT tools, during project creation an analysis file with statistics calculation will be created. This file will be saved in task's Log File folder and will contain the word count for all integrations. For memoQ, SDL Trados Studio and XTM it will also contain the character count, and for Memsource the "characters per word" parameter will be retrieved.
  • To allow for language mapping between XTRF and integrated CAT tools, the ISO Code fields in language settings are no longer unique.
  • New parameter "Characters per word" supported in Memsource analyses.
  • Improved support for SDL Trados and SDL Trados Studio analysis files.
  • With Resource module you can upload resources for all CAT tools.
  • It is possible to create new resource from an SDL Trados Studio terminology file (SDLTB).
  • New parameter "Languages" replaced source and target languages in all terminology resources.
  • Vendor address synchronization in QuickBooks integration has been improved.

Special Features Available Only for System Administrators

  • Restarting XTRF from the user interface is now possible.
  • You can delete many customers, providers, quotes, projects and invoices at once.

Other Improvements

  • New official names of XTRF portals: Home Portal (where LSP employees log into), Customer Portal and Vendor Portal.
  • New Home Portal login page. We have refreshed the look of the login page.
  • Easy logo management. Upload one file with your logo and it will be automatically adjusted and used in all portals and in all documents.
  • The date when vendors upload their invoices is now stored. You can check as to when documents became available.
  • Improved editor for macros and virtual columns. Improvements include fullscreen mode, scrollable preview window and presenting a list of problems in the entered code.
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey status can be added as a column in project browse.

Discontinued Functionality

  • Integration with XTM Suite and Cloud versions older than 8.5 is not supported any more.
  • The possibility to switch the menu back to the old view will be removed. Old Home Portal look (as in version 2013 Winter) will not be available any more.
  • Uploading several different logo images will not be possible anymore. Use one image for all applications.