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This is a list of changes between minor versions of XTRF 2014 Spring 3.2.x.






Ticket No.Description
XTRF-15224Improve formatting of provider notes for PM - respect line breaks

Minor Improvement: Issue when trying to edit contact person in view mode

XTRF-16279Minor Improvement: System values - Job Types - wrong menu
XTRF-18183Minor Improvement: Duplicate currencies created


Ticket No.Description
XTRF-13805Minor Improvement: Unable to save Notes / Instructions or delete e-mail template localized version when editing Source
XTRF-16681Minor Improvement: Exception while adding missing items using Localization Management
XTRF-17221Minor Improvement: Survey - radio buttons must be hidden
XTRF-17530Minor Improvement: Permission denied message when trying to deliver files
XTRF-17633Minor Improvement: memoQ integration: Attempting to create a resource that exists and is open
XTRF-17643Minor Improvement: Incorrect message when trying to delete work files after starting workflow in CAT integrations
XTRF-17688Minor Improvement: project.getPrepayment() in projectSnaphot does not work


Ticket No.Description
XTRF-16213Minor Improvement: Check if all Evaluation Levels (Ratings) are always in the database
XTRF-16432Minor Improvement: Issue with footer when provider / customer / user doesn't upload any photo
XTRF-17043Minor Improvement: When creating invoice, incorrect payment method is selected
XTRF-17260Minor Improvement: Adding one recipient to email in CRM deletes all other contact persons from the list
XTRF-17320Minor Improvement: Issue with user rights regarding providers
XTRF-17362Minor Improvement: Issue with TMs, TBs and log files in XTM / Memsource project in customer portal
XTRF-17445Minor Improvement: getInvoiceTemplate() method missing from CustomerInvoiceSnaphot
XTRF-17452Minor Improvement: In project workflows, files are copied only once into language-dependent tasks
XTRF-17516Minor Improvement: Wrong Spanish localization in Customer Portal for "current" and "past"
XTRF-17517Minor Improvement: Upload File - Source Text - Advanced - missing label


Ticket No.Description
XTRF-12641Minor Improvement: Customer Review - Awaiting reviews - uploading files
XTRF-15241Minor Improvement: IE11 - Vendor Portal start page - required fields
XTRF-17425Minor Improvement: E-mails preview (after clicking Edit&Send) shows HTML source instead of formatted text (2)


Ticket No.Description
XTRF-17129Minor Improvement: When editing e-mail and changing only font style, changes are neither applied in preview nor saved
XTRF-17222Minor Improvement: Issue after double-clicking the Save button during project creation
XTRF-17228Minor Improvement: Exception: Method not found - when trying to perform multiple change on task from Project/Task tab
XTRF-17252Minor Improvement: Incorrect PO template selected for Provider
XTRF-17276Minor Improvement: Disable escaping HTML entities in CKEditor
XTRF-17285Minor Improvement: Selecting variables from drop-down list doesn't work if Source is shown in CKEditor
XTRF-17350Minor Improvement: Tag list is always shown in CKEditor


Ticket No.Description
XTRF-16198Minor Improvement: Poor XTRF performance because of big profile images
XTRF-16323Minor Improvement: Project based on template
XTRF-16428Minor Improvement: Project Template is copying rates when it is disabled
XTRF-16645Minor Improvement: Minimum charge for 'Create Item for Each Task' is not pulled
XTRF-16942Minor Improvement: Quick Search - project ID
XTRF-16982Minor Improvement: getAddress() method missing in CustomerInvoiceSnapshot
XTRF-17059Minor Improvement: Exception when trying to generate a Task Total Cost report
XTRF-17083Minor Improvement: Doubled input files due to doubled bundle assignment after copying task
XTRF-17166Minor Improvement: Exception when clicking bottom-left logo in Partner Zone
XTRF-17186Enable filtering projects by customerProjectNumber in Customer Portal API
XTRF-17213Minor Improvement: Projects and Tasks filter fails after update


Ticket No.Description
XTRF-14928Minor Improvement: Unable to automatically launch a project from customer portal due to missing deadline
XTRF-16741Minor Improvement: E-mail preview inherits site-wide styles
XTRF-17002Minor Improvement: No message when nothing is restored using Localization Management
XTRF-17076Minor Improvement: E-mails preview (after clicking Edit&Send) shows HTML source instead of formatted text


Ticket No.Description
XTRF-12745Minor Improvement: HTML template editor escapes ‘<’ and ‘>’
XTRF-14052Minor Improvement: Contact Person - Address - checkboxes Use for CC 2 / Use for CC 3 don't work
XTRF-14265Minor Improvement: When I try to create a memoQ project and use as source a bilingual file with a different language combination than the one in task, I get incorrect error message
XTRF-15259Minor Improvement: External project progress info is shown on top of other text
XTRF-15695Minor Improvement: XTM integration - unable to calculate metrics for a file
XTRF-15770Minor Improvement: Payable - Import All from Receivable - unable to see "Show CAT Analysis Details"
XTRF-15771Minor Improvement: Payable - Import All from CAT Receivables - changing Calculation Unit
XTRF-16088Minor Improvement: Quote acceptance email is duplicated
XTRF-16307Provider Language Combination Form - add ID
XTRF-16327Provider Rate Form - add ID
XTRF-16329Minor Improvement: No images in e-mail footer visible
XTRF-16508Jobs table - add unique IDs
XTRF-16509Minor Improvement: QuickBooks Integration works even if items behave unexpectedly
XTRF-16513Payables and Receivables - change table IDs
XTRF-16560Minor Improvement: Icons in footer not displayed
XTRF-16568Enable browser spellchecker in e-mail pop-ups
XTRF-16647Minor Improvement: Clicking "Open in Pop-up" in External Systems tab in task with XTM / Memsource integration triggers page reload
XTRF-16671Minor Improvement: Issue with filtering resources - binding resource description to project name
XTRF-16682Minor Improvement: Restoring workflow definitions using Localization Management
XTRF-16789Minor Improvement: QuickBooks Integration - missing project number in provider invoice item description (impossible to customize description)
XTRF-16857Provider Page - add constant IDs to provider's data items
XTRF-17091Minor Improvement: Unable to create e-mail in CRM


Ticket No.Description
XTRF-14972Minor Improvement: Customer Review - "Select provider" pop-up window
XTRF-16418Minor Improvement: Enabling contact person's access to Partner Zone
XTRF-16854Minor Improvement: Vendor Portal settings - Specialization - 'Any' should be marked as default
XTRF-16904Minor Improvement: After changing margin settings in BIRT templates, footers are overridden


Ticket No.Description
XTRF-16196Minor Improvement: Enabling to edit contact person in view mode
XTRF-16500Minor Improvement: Provider Price List - Rates are not displayed on the list
XTRF-16644Minor Improvement: Incorrectly set margins in BIRT-generated-PDFs
XTRF-16684Minor Improvement: Tags related to sender suggested for e-mail template / footer don't work while working tags related to user are not suggested
XTRF-16691Minor Improvement: Configuration - sections with long labels
XTRF-16764Minor Improvement: QuickBooks templates are fragile to null values
XTRF-16850Minor Improvement: Jobs Browse - Current / All - Evaluation is always empty


Ticket No.Description
XTRF-11112Add random delay for starting periodic jobs
XTRF-13022Minor Improvement: Exception when executing external project creation while no external system has been set
XTRF-15557Supplement localization of Calendar component
XTRF-15675Minor Improvement: Social Medium - Preferred - old icon
XTRF-16419Minor Improvement: Exception while trying to open many periodic jobs
XTRF-16426Minor Improvement: Profile editing - Services & Rates - Any - design issue
XTRF-16716Minor Improvement: Issue while preparing packages in SDL Trados asynchronous action
XTRF-16740Minor Improvement: When "Import from..." payables is used, Task IDs are shown instead of Job IDs


Ticket No.Description
XTRF-12634Minor Improvement: Quick Contact - empty "To" field after quote creation
XTRF-15607Export pop up - design
XTRF-15617View Editor - design
XTRF-15938Minor Improvement: Business Reports - design issue
XTRF-16167Minor Improvement: Exception while duplicating a quote
XTRF-16202Minor Improvement: In SDL Trados workflow, 'External System' tab, 'Machine Translation' subtab, 'Advanced Settings' section should be hidden when it's empty
XTRF-16240Minor Improvement: Deactivating resource filtering rule doesn't work
XTRF-16519Minor Improvement: Job Manager doesn't inform provider that job must be delivered in memoQ before finishing it in XTRF and the message about memoQ is not localizable
XTRF-16564Minor Improvement: Export - views - design issues
XTRF-16568Enable browser spellchecker in e-mail pop-ups
XTRF-16599Minor Improvement: Project Template - design issue
XTRF-16602Minor Improvement: Illegal characters in primefaces.locales.js (Windows)


Ticket No.Description
XTRF-15660Basic Configuration - design
XTRF-15661Configuration - menu - design
XTRF-16088Acceptance email - duplicated
XTRF-16206Fixes in English UK and US texts in Customer Portal
XTRF-16268Minor Improvement: Workflow Definition on empty database - workflow graph
XTRF-16338Minor Improvement: Issue with Localisation Management after database clearing
XTRF-16366Minor Improvement: Salesforce integration
XTRF-16480Minor Improvement: Jobs are not copied from Project Template
XTRF-16549Update footer in translations of metaExpressions.properties
XTRF-16571Minor Improvement: Salesforce synchronization
XTRF-16596Ignored exceptions should also be logged


Ticket No.Description
XTRF-14840Make sure Number of Opportunities report gives correct results for statuses
XTRF-15590Minor Improvement: Dashboard Notes - strange appearance when note is empty
XTRF-16255Minor Improvement: Calculation units are missing in some new job types
XTRF-16265Minor Improvement: Notes entries deleted when editing (2)
XTRF-16326Minor Improvement: Menu/icons are not displayed due to CDN resources that must be removed
XTRF-16329Minor Improvement: No images in e-mail footer visible
XTRF-16341Minor Improvement: Job - Notes - design issue
XTRF-16397Minor Improvement: In Add CAT Payable/Receivable window "Upload Analysis File" is written in different font than other buttons
XTRF-16424Minor Improvement: Quote acceptance email being sent to Account Manager from the Client instead of the Quote Sales Person
XTRF-16437Minor Improvement: Incorrect link in customer portal
XTRF-16452Minor Improvement: Salesforce logs not present in log viewer
XTRF-16466Minor Improvement: Missing label in filter
XTRF-16488Minor Improvement: Cannot set up relation report for number of claims to number of tasks
XTRF-16509Minor Improvement: QuickBooks Integration works even if items behave unexpectedly
XTRF-16523Minor Improvement: Incorrect margin value
XTRF-16525Minor Improvement: Cannot create project from template


Ticket No.Description
XTRF-14093Minor Improvement: Customer Review - issue with output files because of lack of job deadline (Customer Portal)
XTRF-15473Minor Improvement: If google.com is unreachable, business reports and customer portal don't work
XTRF-15630Minor Improvement: Improve "Any specialization" option in sign-up and Provider Portal configuration
XTRF-15640Minor Improvement: Price list name pop-up is unusable due to no scroll
XTRF-15690Minor Improvement: Import icon not visible
XTRF-15697Minor Improvement: Performance issues on IE 11
XTRF-15705Minor Improvement: Provider Portal welcome page design issues
XTRF-16243Minor Improvement: When there's more than 300 recipients of an e-mail, the TO/CC/BCC drop-down list isn't shown
XTRF-16256Adjust memoQ 2013 / 2014 integration type, test and warning message
XTRF-16270Minor Improvement: Removed job's evaluation still is taken into account in provider's evaluation
XTRF-16290Minor Improvement: Issue when displaying and editing provider profile
XTRF-16296Minor Improvement: 10-point scale does not display correctly in Jobs Browse
XTRF-16303Minor Improvement: Rate in Receivable not taking Total Agreed into account
XTRF-16345Minor Improvement: Client Portal - entering projects
XTRF-16375Minor Improvement: When migrating person from XTRF to Portal the personal data in XTRF is not updated


Ticket No.Description
XTRF-15325Minor Improvement: Localized "Start Workflow" label doesn't fit on the button
XTRF-15606Minor Improvement: Instructions - design issues
XTRF-15630Minor Improvement: Improve "Any specialization" option in sign-up and Provider Portal configuration
XTRF-15810Minor Improvement: Workflow graph - display task input - design issue
XTRF-15845Minor Improvement: Project Template - design issues
XTRF-15861Minor Improvement: Invoice status - design issue
XTRF-15887Minor Improvement: Contact Person - design issue
XTRF-15963Minor Improvement: Workflow e-mails are sent to Project Manager instead of Task Manager
XTRF-16161Minor Improvement: Exception in E-mail/SMS to Customer: When customer requests a quote
XTRF-16177Minor Improvement: Not localized message in "Password change" screen
XTRF-16243Minor Improvement: When there's more than 300 recipients of an e-mail, the TO/CC/BCC drop-down list isn't shown
XTRF-16246Minor Improvement: Salesforce - ignore invalid emails
XTRF-16248Minor Improvement: Issue with language selection when registering service
XTRF-16255Minor Improvement: Calculation units are missing in some new job types
XTRF-16276Minor Improvement: Browse Users - missing label in filter
XTRF-16280Minor Improvement: Project template copies task manager from original project
XTRF-16286Minor Improvement: CRM - E-mail Display - design issue


Ticket No.Description
XTRF-14497Fixed: Exception when trying to delete provider linked with user
XTRF-15466Inform users who like the old skin that it will not last forever
XTRF-15733Fixed: Work Experience - calendar
XTRF-15734Fixed: Education / Work Experience - inconsistent behavior of date
XTRF-15754Fixed: Company's logo does not appear in emails
XTRF-15813Fixed: Opportunity - default status
XTRF-15920Fixed: Changing manually entered rates
XTRF-16158Fixed: Edit&Send - E-mail Text is empty
XTRF-16173Fixed: Opportunity browse - design issues

Enable restarting XTRF from GUI

Updating JBoss to build dated July 21, 2014 is necessary for this function to work.

XTRF-16197Fixed: 'Field of Study' drop down menu is empty
XTRF-16210Fixed: Not localizable "Download" label in Job Manager
XTRF-16220Fixed: isPercentage() method missing from BaseReceivableSnapshot
XTRF-16238Fixed: Filtering job types finds all names with a phrase


Ticket No.Description
XTRF-14954Get rid of shared resources through samba in SDL Trados integration
XTRF-15041Fixed: Unable to open ZIP file delivered to client due to too long folder names inside
XTRF-15162Fixed: Unable to restore footer and e-mail theme
XTRF-15177Fixed: Design issues in Workflow Graph in Workflow Definition
XTRF-15363Don't show Welcome Screen for newly added users
XTRF-15389Fixed: Incorrect behavior of browses when rights are limited
XTRF-15448Fixed: Safari - issue with link for invoices
XTRF-15449Fixed: Link for Opportunities disappeared from yellow frame
XTRF-15565Fixed: Job numbers are not fully visible in File Manager under Workflow
XTRF-15613Fixed: Dashboard - Files - old icons / design
XTRF-15638Fixed: issue with footer after Save + Save and Exit
XTRF-15723Fixed: Footer is not applied the same way to all emails
XTRF-15727Optimize user and provider queries
XTRF-15738Fixed: Profile display - unable to see minimum charge
XTRF-15841Fixed: Offices - design issues
XTRF-15846Fixed: Additional contacts disappearing from quote/project
XTRF-15873Fixed: When I don't have permission to create anything, then I should not see Create button in the system toolbar
XTRF-15913Correct asterisk position for fields that are ineditable because of accounts created in portal
XTRF-15923Replace an exception caused by validation of e-mail field in Files and Qualifications tab with a warning message
XTRF-15939Fixed: Receivables are shown on Quote/Project confirmation PDFs in incorrect order
XTRF-15990Fixed: System Account - delete password
XTRF-16000Fixed: Doubled "Password" label for XTM external system settings
XTRF-16007Fixed: Unable to change rating scale for the whole system
XTRF-16024Fixed: Incorrect and not localizable message in Provider Portal
XTRF-16033Fixed: Themes / Footer - missing label "Language / Delete"
XTRF-16034Fixed: Themes - issue with inactive localized version
XTRF-16063Fixed: Evaluation is not correct
XTRF-16068Fixed: Replace list boxes with autocomplete in Complaints against Providers & Customer Complaints
XTRF-16077Fixed: Turkish "i" signs not working in Project > Browse filter by Customer Name
XTRF-16081Fixed: Task - Documents - design
XTRF-16084Fixed: Cannot delete price profile
XTRF-16108Fixed: getExpectedPaymentDate() method missing from BaseInvoiceSnapshot
XTRF-16115Fixed: Browses - align label to left
XTRF-16124Stop supporting Agent 4, start supporting Agent 5
XTRF-16133Fixed: License server address always in Afghan formatting
XTRF-16151Fixed: Fields of Study list is empty
XTRF-16154Fixed: Unable to open XTM external system settings
XTRF-16159Fixed: Info Card - address displayed in incorrect field
XTRF-16162Fixed: Browses - labels are white
XTRF-16164Fixed: Ratings section is placed in incorrect order in System Values


Ticket No.Description
XTRF-15666Fixed: E-mail Templates - strange behavior of "Insert XTRF tags" icon
XTRF-15724Fixed: For English (US) calendar displays in Chinese
XTRF-15874Fixed: Exception in customer contact person (org.hibernate.StaleStateException)
XTRF-15941Fixed: Cannot open QuickBooks logs
XTRF-15970Fixed: Password reset for individual person
XTRF-15981Fixed: Missing labels in Provider Registration Form (old)


Ticket No.Description
XTRF-13930Improve UI of the new address component
XTRF-14903Workflow notifications sent to Sales Person instead of PM
XTRF-15458Fixed: Create person + Notes / Edit&Send
XTRF-15587Change language and task order in Quotes/Projects module and Quote and Invoice templates
XTRF-15666Fixed: Templates - strange behavior of "Insert XTRF tags" icon
XTRF-15728Fixed: Plus icon (Create) is missing
XTRF-15735Fixed: Unable to activate languages in email footer
XTRF-15768Fixed: Inconsistent receivables presentation
XTRF-15783Fixed: Migration from 2.9 to 3.2.20 fails
XTRF-15844Fixed: Project Template - Upload File - missing label
XTRF-15864Fixed: Issue in Notes while converting Project Workflow-based quote to project
XTRF-15879Fixed: Documents (project) - unable to send document for selected task
XTRF-15885Add "Additional Information" as column to browses and filter
XTRF-15886Fixed: Password reset link
XTRF-15916Fixed: Not localized notification in job manager


Ticket No.Description
XTRF-13248Make XTRF-SDL Trados integration to work faster
XTRF-15401Ensure correct sorting of expressions by Type
XTRF-15682Fixed: Folder structure not preserved in ZIP files for provider
XTRF-15748Fixed: Restoring e-mail templates from defaults doesn't work
XTRF-15776Fixed: "Display Name" filter option missing in Virtual Columns Browse
XTRF-15778Fixed: E-mail templates / CRM mails - unable to see "emailRecipient.defaultLocale" in available tags list
XTRF-15828Fixed: Performance issues
XTRF-15835Fixed: Exception when finishing job in Partner Zone


Ticket No.Description
XTRF-14598Fixed: Themes - instead of Themes Browse system sometimes redirects to empty Events tab
XTRF-15354Fixed: Unable to restore Default e-mail templates version using Multiple Change
XTRF-15476Fixed: Issue with currency in providers payment methods
XTRF-15689Fixed: Changing for a first time to a tab with browse automatically saves your changes
XTRF-15694Fixed: Work Experience - date is not checked
XTRF-15710Fixed: SDL Trados integration creates a new project even if nothing has changed
XTRF-15716Fixed: Removing of project-level task should be forbidden when using project workflow
XTRF-15721Fixed: Work Experience - issue while displaying calendar
XTRF-15726Fixed: Discrepancy between Receivable value and Invoice Net Total
XTRF-15749Fixed: defaultLocale missing from emailRecipient
XTRF-15792Fixed: WeLocalize API changed


Ticket No.Description
XTRF-14034Fixed: Event / Task - issue with associations with customer on notification pop-up window
XTRF-14412Fixed: Exception after clicking Show summary page and clicking Save
XTRF-14449Fixed: Project with old workflow - issue with creating task
XTRF-14884Fixed: Issue when calculating payables in SDL Trados
XTRF-14979Fixed: Creating new rate for customer in new currency using multiple change doesn't work
XTRF-15057Fixed: Create E-mail / E-mail from template - can delete when there is no items
XTRF-15177Fixed: Design issues in Workflow Graph in Workflow Definition
XTRF-15479Fixed: Cannot save CSS in Templates > Notifications > Themes
XTRF-15618Fixed: Unable to save payment method (provider)
XTRF-15623Fixed: Unable to run projects with memoQ integration due to metrics delivered in unsupported language (Spanish)
XTRF-15655Provider Portal - error message must disappear after resave
XTRF-15680Fixed: Importing issue
XTRF-15684Fixed: Old workflow - issue with combo box
XTRF-15696Fixed: Work Experience - issue with calendar


Ticket No.Description
XTRF-15414Fixed: Receivable rate changes when invoicing a task with a discount/surcharge
XTRF-15610Fixed: Dashboard - issue with notes
XTRF-15649Fixed: Discount/Surcharges displayed inappropriately


Ticket No.Description
XTRF-14878Fixed: When external project is created, workflow graph is sometimes refreshed to wrong state
XTRF-15321Fixed: Not localizable elements and double colons in Provider Portal
XTRF-15378Fixed: Workflow Graph - incorrectly displayed Notes from Provider
XTRF-15411Fixed: Cannot remove attachment from invoice email
XTRF-15534Fixed: Unable to generate Project Confirmation PDF for specific project
XTRF-15553Fixed: Specific Filter Subscription periodic job
XTRF-15575Fixed: E-mail/SMS to Customer: When quote is sent to customer for acceptance - issue with links
XTRF-15614Fixed: Dashboard - Files - issue with changing Project Manager
XTRF-15620Fixed: Unable to export views with virtual columns to CSV
XTRF-15621Fixed: Feedback document templates - no data on generated template


Ticket No.Description
XTRF-15394Fixed: Pop-up windows design issues
XTRF-15481Fixed: Incorrect caption for Create Provider Invoice
XTRF-15505Fixed: Resources created for "XTRF" system are not shown when searching for resources for "Any" system
XTRF-15571Fixed: Pop-up windows - top right corner icons issue
XTRF-15600Fixed: Exception while trying to open the list of Feedback claim reports for project
XTRF-15604Fixed: Unable to create Provider Invoice


Ticket No.Description
XTRF-13930Improve UI of the new address component
XTRF-14359Fixed: When duplicating workflow with memoQ or MemSource, External Workflow and Job Mapping settings are changed
XTRF-14942Fixed: Configuration menu design issues
XTRF-15075Add 10-point rating scale in evaluating jobs
XTRF-15345Fixed: Blank page when opening Project / Resources and Customer / Resources
XTRF-15380Fixed: Instructions - issue with the displaying at different levels
XTRF-15381Fixed: Issue with Name because of link "Show Localised Names"
XTRF-15382Fixed: System values - Opportunity Statuses - incorrectly displayed Probability field
XTRF-15400Fixed: "Provider is not selected" issue for job that is not starting yet
XTRF-15482Fixed: Side Search - can edit calendar even if it is fixed
XTRF-15499Fixed: My Account - Directories Mapping - incorrectly displayed message
XTRF-15515Fixed: Workflow Definition - minor design issue
XTRF-15549Fixed: Close Project / Task / Delete Task - check box design issue
XTRF-15552Fixed: Business report 'Monthly quote conversion' doesn't work on empty database
XTRF-15559Fixed: Dashboard Note - design issues
XTRF-15563Fixed: Rotating circle design issue
XTRF-15577Fixed: getDisplayTotalAmountModifier() method missing from TaskSnapshot
XTRF-15582Fixed: Task's working days behaviour is invalid


Ticket No.Description
XTRF-15293Fixed: Advanced Configuration - Formats & My Account - Main Settings - displaying time zones
XTRF-15338Fixed: Task - Availability Request - incorrect icons in legend
XTRF-15422Fixed: Close Project / Task - incorrect icons
XTRF-15426Fixed: Issue with migration script for 3.2.4 version
XTRF-15427Fixed: Exception when generating Quote Confirmation PDF
XTRF-15531Fixed: Two issues with jobs with external system in Accepted status: (1) Job Manager doesn't open because links to external system break the job offer and (2) it's not possible to download files
XTRF-15550Fixed: Exception when trying to open job from Workflow Graph


Ticket No.Description
XTRF-15369Fixed: Project Workflow with quote phase: task job started although quote was not yet converted
XTRF-15405Fixed: SDL Trados Studio integration with SDLTB file
XTRF-15408Fixed: Default meta directory: Task Preview is invalid
XTRF-15423Fixed: No option "is all of" in "Add Recipients" in CRM
XTRF-15436Fixed: Unable to create new account


Ticket No.Description
XTRF-15154Improve message about invalid token
XTRF-15224Improve formatting of provider notes for PM - respect line breaks
XTRF-15347Fixed: Fix logging in when provider does not have a contact person
XTRF-15410Fixed: Make getAmountModifersDescription() display description + percentage
XTRF-15415Fixed: Exception when adding items to an invoice
XTRF-15419Fixed: New Provider / Customer - TM Rates changes after modification in Advanced Configuration
XTRF-15420Fixed: JBoss issues due to Log Viewer deployment
XTRF-15433Fixed: Long texts do not wrap in CRM activities
XTRF-15434Fixed: When no task workflow is set as default, project workflow cannot be set up
XTRF-15454Customer survey should be addressed to Contact Person, not main client address
XTRF-15463Fixed: Feedback - 3 issues
XTRF-15477Fixed: Mailboxes not showing IMAP subfolders


Ticket No.Description
XTRF-11821Fixed: Wrong behavior in regards to request sending when activity is started
XTRF-14418Improve template editor toolbar and tag window
XTRF-14452Fixed: Project based on template - error when changing workflow
XTRF-14480Fixed: Project - Multiple Change - job transition results in "Change not available" error
XTRF-14576Fixed: Workflow definition - job edition: changing Default Provider resets Name field to the same as Job Type
XTRF-14640Fixed: Customer Review - issue with not selected provider when customer does not have Customer Review enabled
XTRF-14690Periodic Jobs - fix some names on empty database
XTRF-14776Fixed: Error in periodic job "Broken periodic jobs"
XTRF-14864Fixed: Standard HTML formatting not overridden by new styles
XTRF-15167Fixed: Vendor Partner Zone troubles
XTRF-15261Fixed: Receivables / Payables Value Reports - minimum charge and discount/surcharges are not included
XTRF-15315Fixed: Opportunity - customer - quotation mark
XTRF-15348Fixed: MemSource creates resources with names that differ only by letter case
XTRF-15358Fixed: Money recalculations between same currency should ignore exchange ratios
XTRF-15367Fixed: Not localizable elements in Provider Portal
XTRF-15384Fixed: Not localized names in default view jobs
XTRF-15387Fix names of view correlated with provider invoicing job
XTRF-15388Fixed: Project Template - some rights doesn't work properly