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Below you can find a list of all enhancements and updates available in version 2014 Spring (3.2).

New Design and Layout

What is new in the view?

  • New side bar menu and top bar. Redesigned to be more user-friendly and save your time.
  • Create menu will take you directly to the creation forms from any place in the system. New data input is easier and faster.
  • History and search together. We have improved the search and history features. They are at one place simple and easy to use.
  • All system notifications and warnings are more clear and visible. This way you will be aware of all important information while working with XTRF.
  • New layout with improved CSS. The system will look better in your browser. Note: The custom made system skins will stop working.

Note: To make it more user friendly, the new design affected location of some features, e.g. the System Configuration. This means that some features are in a bit different location than before. But do not worry it is all there.

Improved SDL Trados Studio & QuickBooks Integrations

Integration with SDL Trados Studio 2011 and 2014 and QuickBooks Pro 2013 is easier.

  • Improved XTRF Agent for SDL Trados Studio allows multi-processing and usage of the WebServices.
  • Support for more CAT analyses including SDL Trados Studio analyses recognition in many languages.
  • The QuickBooks integration configuration has been simplified. It can be configured fully according to your requirements, focusing on most important parts leaving out what is not necessary.

New Vendor Portal and Job Manager

This simple, and attractive portal makes collaboration between you and your vendors easier.

  • New layout.
  • By using the Job Manager, providers can receive and deliver jobs as well as receive and confirm job offers and their availability for them.
  • All available jobs can be listed.
  • Job view supplemented with financial details.
  • All functions are in one place. Availability requests direct provider to Job Manager.
  • Your providers can add their experience during the sign up process. This makes assessment and evaluation of cooperators easier and more reliable.
  • It is not necessary to create new accounts for your existing providers. They can migrate their accounts from the old Partner Zone to the new Vendor Portal.

To learn more on how to start using the new Vendor Portal go to: How Can I Use the Vendor Portal?.

Note: If you have used the Job Manager before updating to v2014 Spring, all jobs with "Started" status will require resending of an e-mail with the notification and link.  

Other Improvements

  • Archiving projects lets you save disk space on files from projects that have already been completed and approved. All project files will be stored in a ZIP archive, while all other project info will still be available from the XTRF interface.
  • A redesigned e-mail template editor makes it easier to manage the standard messages sent to your customers and providers.
  • It is easier to find correct e-mail template since its name suggests the situation when it is used. Also it is easier to switch between different languages.
  • Confirmation of sent messages goes to a user who initiates the action.
  • Multiple actions possible for all e-mail templates in all language combinations.
  • Customize your e-mails with new themes for message templates.
  • A new Log Viewer is a great tool for system administrators. It allows for easy tracking of any issues that may arise during the use of the system.
  • Improved management of localization of system values with tables containing localized values hidden by default.
  • See the potential of your business with sales opportunities summed up in the overview. The opportunities can be created easier with new creation form and subjected to analysis in the Business Reports.
  • System more fitted to you with new custom fields in projects, quotes and other system elements. You can add any desired information while creating a new quote or project.
  • Create invoices from main screen. Customer and provider invoice creation is available in drop down Create menu from where you can go directly to the invoice creation form. This makes the creation process faster and more accessible.
  • Your company branches all over the world can work in the system with their local currency.
  • More flexibility to the finances with adjustable total value in CAT receivables.
  • Save your time with multiple changes which can be performed on templates, tasks and jobs.
  • Better transparency with old type of workflows removed. You can easily create new ones using old ones as a base.
  • Jobs can be evaluated in either 5-point or 10-point scale.
  • Entity-specific currency exchange rates are mandatory, i.e. every relevant system element has its own exchange rate assigned.

Discontinued Functionality

  • Removed old type of workflows.
  • Removed strict mode for bundles. Only loose mode is available. This means that vendors cannot be forced to upload the same number of files, with identical names, as their received.
  • Removed shortcut icons: refresh, log out, notifications, mailboxes (in new design).