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This is a list of changes between minor versions of XTRF 2014 Summer 3.3.x.





Ticket No.Description
XTRF-12401Minor Improvement: Task - problem with accepting files
XTRF-14870Minor Improvement: Remove incorrect message when opening invalid URL
XTRF-18684External process: add post action which only sets action's status one step back (to Accepted)


Ticket No.Description
XTRF-18988Minor Improvement: Company profile is empty


Ticket No.Description
XTRF-17158Minor Improvement: Problem with non-breaking spaces in e-mails


Ticket No.Description
XTRF-18632Minor Improvement: Exception while trying to import quantity from receivable to payable
XTRF-18678Minor Improvement: Browses - Virtual columns are still visible after deleting
XTRF-18696Minor Improvement: Files missing from Customer Notification ZIP
XTRF-18705Minor Improvement: When using Copy Task in project workflows, bundles are set incorrectly


Ticket No.Description
XTRF-17747Minor Improvement: Nulls in cached virtual columns
XTRF-17850Minor Improvement: XTRF crashes on big projects


Ticket No.Description
XTRF-17952Minor Improvement: Cannot shrink down the Filter Panel in Notifications > Templates on Chrome
XTRF-18234Minor Improvement: Unable to change a password in Customer Portal
XTRF-18282Minor Improvement: Periodic Jobs not working - Customer Feedback - Exception: no session or session was closed
XTRF-18388Minor Improvement: Work Log - cannot add entry
XTRF-18390Minor Improvement: XTRF doesn't accept XTM analyses with some specific tags
XTRF-18474Minor Improvement: Exception when opening Customer Feedback


Ticket No.Description
XTRF-17505Minor Improvement: Exception on Dashboard

Minor Improvement: Executing filter subscription Periodic Job

XTRF-18054Minor Improvement: Problem when uploading large files via job manager
XTRF-18183Minor Improvement: Duplicate currencies created
XTRF-18254Minor Improvement: When a client submits a request via the client portal Discount / Surcharge is not applied
XTRF-18291Minor Improvement: Exception in job


Ticket No.Description
XTRF-17842Create 3 simple searches within quotes, projects and invoices
XTRF-17858Minor Improvement: Total is broken into 2 lines, because grouping separator is a space
XTRF-17951Minor Improvement: Unable to close a project with memoQ integration
XTRF-17976Minor Improvement: Unable to perform Prepare Packages after External Project Finalization
XTRF-17994Minor Improvement: Login to customer portal is not possible due to timeout
XTRF-18009Minor Improvement: Incorrectly set deadlines for jobs
XTRF-18041Minor Improvement: Unable to create a Virtual Column for several classes


Ticket No.Description
XTRF-16405Add support for MHTML files of SDL Trados
XTRF-16742Add support for SDL Trados Studio "Word Count" HTM & XLS analysis with custom match thresholds
XTRF-17413Minor Improvement: Localized name not showing up in customer portal properly
XTRF-17790Minor Improvement: User Group - unable to activate/deactivate
XTRF-17861API for 3 simple searches within quotes, projects and invoices
XTRF-17863UI: Create searches within quotes, projects, invoices
XTRF-17924Minor Improvement: Default Contact person not being used in API projects
XTRF-17928Minor Improvement: QuickBooks synchronization failing


Ticket No.Description
XTRF-15334Minor Improvement: Adjust pop-up width to its content
XTRF-16279Minor Improvement: System values - Job Types - wrong menu
XTRF-17845Minor Improvement: Approval thank you message sent to PM instead of client


Ticket No.Description
XTRF-15224Improve formatting of provider notes for PM - respect line breaks
XTRF-16196Minor Improvement: Editing contact person in view mode
XTRF-17179Get rid of synchronizing User passwords in memoQ integration
XTRF-17533Minor Improvement: Exception when duplicating price list
XTRF-17674Minor Improvement: Customer Contact person cannot see project in customer portal
XTRF-17724Minor Improvement: Exception when opening CRM
XTRF-17728Minor Improvement: Report Type column is always empty
XTRF-17729Minor Improvement: Values entered with multiple edit in vendor registration are not correctly validated
XTRF-17734Minor Improvement: Unable to create a Virtual Column for Dashboard view
XTRF-17761Minor Improvement: Too long field content
XTRF-17766Minor Improvement: JavaMelody warnings when using temporary files


Ticket No.Description
XTRF-15984Minor Improvement: Problem with report: Value / Project Total Agreed
XTRF-16681Minor Improvement: Exception while adding missing items using Localization Management
XTRF-17415Minor Improvement: TM Savings - value per invoice item does not apply the rounding correctly
XTRF-17520Minor Improvement: Issue with e-mail template when creating quote in Customer Portal
XTRF-17530Minor Improvement: Permission denied when trying to deliver files
XTRF-17531Minor Improvement: Log entries refer to earlier entries which don't exist
XTRF-17538Minor Improvement: Source Language and Target Language filters do not work
XTRF-17547Minor Improvement: SDL Trados Studio integration -  selecting mandatory actions
XTRF-17602Minor Improvement: No "save modifications" prompt when saving bank accounts on customer's/vendor's profile
XTRF-17616Minor Improvement: Unable to upload XTM analysis file
XTRF-17628Minor Improvement: Problem when using the multiple files delivery option
XTRF-17633Minor Improvement: Problem in memoQ integration: Attempting to create a resource that exists and is open
XTRF-17643Minor Improvement: Incorrect message when trying to delete work files after starting workflow in CAT integrations
XTRF-17661Minor Improvement: Do not remove resource selection rules when cleaning database
XTRF-17688Minor Improvement: project.getPrepayment() in projectSnaphot does not work


Ticket No.Description
XTRF-13805Minor Improvement: Unable to save Notes / Instructions or delete e-mail template localized version when editing Source
XTRF-16213Minor Improvement: Check if all Evaluation Levels (Ratings) are always in the database
XTRF-16432Minor Improvement: Problem with footer when provider / customer / user doesn't upload any photo
XTRF-16548Minor Improvement: Problem with currency mapping in provider portal settings
XTRF-17043Minor Improvement: When creating invoice, incorrect payment method is selected
XTRF-17087Minor Improvement: CAT payable - Import All from Receivable - no option to choose from which CAT receivable to import
XTRF-17095Minor Improvement: Issues related to changing customer, e.g. task ready files notification is sent to previous customer
XTRF-17122Minor Improvement: Exception when changing views
XTRF-17221Minor Improvement: Survey - radio buttons must be hidden
XTRF-17260Minor Improvement: Adding one recipient to email in CRM deletes all other contact persons from the list
XTRF-17362Minor Improvement: Problem with TMs, TBs and log files in XTM / Memsource project in customer portal
XTRF-17427Minor Improvement: It shouldn't be possible to add input files to a task with external system if external project has already been created
XTRF-17445Minor Improvement: getInvoiceTemplate() method missing from CustomerInvoiceSnaphot
XTRF-17452Minor Improvement: In project workflows, files are copied only once into language-dependent tasks
XTRF-17505Minor Improvement: Exception on Dashboard
XTRF-17511Minor Improvement: Changing status of job in workflow isn't allowed when later job started in workflow
XTRF-17516Minor Improvement: Wrong Spanish localization in Customer Portal for "current" and "past"
XTRF-17517Minor Improvement: Upload File - Source Text - Advanced - missing label
XTRF-17518Minor Improvement: Footer evaluation after EV engine migration causes exception


Ticket No.Description
XTRF-12641Minor Improvement: Customer Review - Awaiting reviews - problems with files
XTRF-15241Minor Improvement: IE11 - Vendor Portal start page - problem with required fields
XTRF-16552Minor Improvement: XTRF keeps a lot of idle database connections
XTRF-17095Minor Improvement: After changing customer, task ready files notification is sent to previous customer
XTRF-17425Minor Improvement: E-mails preview (after clicking Edit&Send) shows HTML source instead of formatted text (2)


Ticket No.Description
XTRF-14276Minor Improvement: Work log causes exception when displayed when automatically logging off after timeout
XTRF-15708Minor Improvement: "File is not available for download" error message in the Customer Portal customer review
XTRF-16555Minor Improvement: Quote browse - wrong order of reasons for rejection
XTRF-17129Minor Improvement: When editing e-mail and changing only font style, changes are neither applied in preview nor saved
XTRF-17212Minor Improvement: Error 400 when trying to perform multiple change on workflows
XTRF-17213Minor Improvement: Projects and Tasks filter fails after update
XTRF-17214Minor Improvement: Partner Zone XTM links lead to message "You do not own the specified entity. Access is Restricted"
XTRF-17222Minor Improvement: Issue when double-clicking the Save button during project creation
XTRF-17226Minor Improvement: While creating project in WS API is should be enough to pass personId without customerPersonName
XTRF-17228Minor Improvement: Exception: Method not found - when trying to perform multiple change on task from Project/Task tab
XTRF-17252Minor Improvement: Incorrect PO template selected for Provider
XTRF-17276Minor Improvement: Disable escaping HTML entities in CKEditor
XTRF-17278Minor Improvement: Unable to create XTM project
XTRF-17285Minor Improvement: Selecting variables from drop-down list doesn't work if Source is shown in CKEditor
XTRF-17344Minor Improvement: QuickBooks integration fails before completion, invoices are duplicated or not sent
XTRF-17350Minor Improvement: Tag list is always shown in CKEditor


Ticket No.Description
XTRF-14896Minor Improvement: Quantity in CAT Grid is showing only two decimal digits
XTRF-16198Minor Improvement: Poor XTRF performance because of big profile images
XTRF-16323Minor Improvement: Project based on template
XTRF-16428Minor Improvement: Project Template is copying rates when it is disabled
XTRF-16645Minor Improvement: Minimum charge for 'Create Item for Each Task' is not pulled
XTRF-16942Minor Improvement: Quick Search - problem with project ID
XTRF-16982Minor Improvement: getAddress() method missing in CustomerInvoiceSnapshot
XTRF-17072Minor Improvement: Error 404 when trying to delete virtual columns
XTRF-17083Minor Improvement: Doubled input files due to doubled bundle assignment after copying task
XTRF-17090Minor Improvement: Issues with provider contact person Address tab
XTRF-17105Minor Improvement: Avability request e-mails are not being sent
XTRF-17154Minor Improvement: Unable to finish registration in portal because of blocked contact person's mail
XTRF-17159Minor Improvement: External process automated actions without command should be simply ignored
XTRF-17166Minor Improvement: Exception when clicking bottom-left logo in Partner Zone
XTRF-17177Add getNotCancelledSortedTasks() method to AbstractProject and BaseProjectSnapshot
XTRF-17182Minor Improvement: Cannot edit Project Confirmation email from PM Dashboard
XTRF-17184Minor Improvement: CRM memos lose formatting when in read only view
XTRF-17186Enable filtering projects by customerProjectNumber in Customer Portal API
XTRF-17201Minor Improvement: Cannot send password reset e-mail to provider contact person
XTRF-17212Minor Improvement: Error 400 when trying to perform multiple change on workflows


Ticket No.Description
XTRF-17059Minor Improvement: Exception when trying to generate a Task Total Cost report


Ticket No.Description
XTRF-14928Minor Improvement: Unable to automatically launch a project from customer portal due to missing deadline
XTRF-15485Minor Improvement: Problem with selecting language combinations when editing price list
XTRF-15495Minor Improvement: Minimum charge - problem with check box
XTRF-16741Minor Improvement: E-mail preview inherits site-wide styles
XTRF-16935Minor Improvement: Report sorting problem - descending sum
XTRF-16960Minor Improvement: First column in business reports has no label
XTRF-17002Minor Improvement: No message when nothing is restored using Localization Management
XTRF-17007Minor Improvement: Total Value in receivable/payable tables should not break into more than 1 line
XTRF-17076Minor Improvement: E-mails preview (after clicking Edit&Send) shows HTML source instead of formatted text
XTRF-17080Minor Improvement: Default language is not suggested by default
XTRF-17107Minor Improvement: Unable to upload XTM analysis file
XTRF-17109Minor Improvement: External process automated actions that run scripts do not seem to do anything
XTRF-17125Minor Improvement: Link to job in Job Manager is asking to login


Ticket No.Description
XTRF-16157Minor Improvement: Social Medium - photo - problem with refreshing
XTRF-16541TM Savings - values per match type should be rounded to 2 decimal points
XTRF-17047Enable adding SDLTB files to Resources
XTRF-17093Minor Improvement: Make money-related columns align to right
XTRF-17094Retrieve chars per word parameter from Memsource LOG analysis


Ticket No.Description
XTRF-14052Minor Improvement: Contact Person - Address - checkboxes Use for CC 2 / Use for CC 3 don't work
XTRF-15788Minor Improvement: Salesforce integration problem when user in Salesforce has no First Name
XTRF-15934Minor Improvement: Address - problem with "Not selected"
XTRF-16088Minor Improvement: Quote acceptance email is duplicated
XTRF-16568Enable browser spellchecker in e-mail pop-ups
XTRF-17048Minor Improvement: Unable to delete users if they have any work log entries
XTRF-17057Minor Improvement: Provider icon visible when user has no rights to providers
XTRF-17091Minor Improvement: Unable to create e-mail in CRM


Ticket No.Description
XTRF-12745Minor Improvement: HTML template editor escapes ‘<’ and ‘>’
XTRF-14265Minor Improvement: When I try to create a memoQ project and use as source a bilingual file with a different language combination than the one in task, I get incorrect error message
XTRF-15259Minor Improvement: External project progress info is shown on top of other text
XTRF-15770Minor Improvement: Payable - Import All from Receivable - unable to see "Show CAT Analysis Details"
XTRF-15771Minor Improvement: Payable - Import All from CAT Receivables - problem after changing Calculation Unit
XTRF-16261Minor Improvement: SMS Broker - error 500
XTRF-16293Minor Improvement: Mixed content error appears when opening embedded XTM/Memsource even if both XTRF and external system use HTTPS
XTRF-16307Provider Language Combination Form - add ID
XTRF-16327Provider Rate Form - add ID
XTRF-16384Minor Improvement: Profile editing - problem with refreshing in web-browsers
XTRF-16508Jobs table - add unique IDs
XTRF-16513Payables and Receivables - change table IDs
XTRF-16560Minor Improvement: Icons in footer not displayed
XTRF-16647Minor Improvement: Clicking "Open in Pop-up" in External Systems tab in task with XTM / Memsource integration triggers page reload
XTRF-16671Minor Improvement: Issue with filtering resources - problem with binding resource description to project name
XTRF-16682Minor Improvement: Problem restoring workflow definitions using Localization Management
XTRF-16789Minor Improvement: QuickBooks Integration - missing project number in provider invoice item description (impossible to customize description)
XTRF-16857Provider Page - add constant IDs to provider's data items
XTRF-16980Minor Improvement: Saving changes in vendor profile results in Error 400
XTRF-17001Minor Improvement: Line breaks are possible in numbering schemes, filenames and some meta expressions
XTRF-17011Minor Improvement: Wrong wizard linked to button in Customer Portal - Projects List View
XTRF-17022Minor Improvement: Error 403 when trying to delete Provider Filtering Rules for Availability Requests
XTRF-17037Minor Improvement: Unable to log in as Provider to Partner Zone and unable to download files from links


Ticket No.Description
XTRF-11294Minor Improvement: Provider profile is scrolled to bottom after opening
XTRF-14694Minor Improvement: Customer Portal Tour pop-up window requires scrolling for non-English languages
XTRF-15695Minor Improvement: Problem in XTM integration - unable to calculate metrics for a file
XTRF-16329Minor Improvement: No images in e-mail footer visible
XTRF-16509Minor Improvement: QuickBooks Integration works even if items behave unexpectedly
XTRF-16625Minor Improvement: SDL Trados Studio 2014 analysis error: Unknown file format (XML)
XTRF-16703Minor Improvement: Unable to duplicate price lists
XTRF-16945Minor Improvement: Wrong variable name in import
XTRF-16957Minor Improvement: When using HTML SDL Trados analysis, values are taken only for first file


Ticket No.Description
XTRF-14972Minor Improvement: Customer Review - problem with pop up "Select provider"
XTRF-16262Minor Improvement: "Sign in" button is not activated if password is auto-suggested
XTRF-16403Minor Improvement: Add another contact person - delete strange tool tip
XTRF-16418Minor Improvement: Enabling contact person's access to Partner Zone
XTRF-16553Minor Improvement: Provider Portal - unable to sign in after not finished registration
XTRF-16664Minor Improvement: Provider Portal - HTTP error 401 Unauthorized
XTRF-16822Minor Improvement: HTTP Status 400 when trying to open/edit particular task
XTRF-16836Minor Improvement: Feedback form - Related Users and Responsible for Implementation do not display in view mode
XTRF-16893Minor Improvement: Cannot continue registration after a service was removed
XTRF-16904Minor Improvement: After changing margin settings in BIRT templates, footers are overridden
XTRF-16920Minor Improvement: Unable to write expression containing apostrophes and quotes in e-mail footer and e-mail template (2)
XTRF-16922Minor Improvement: Fix projects widget display when long names used
XTRF-16944Minor Improvement: Cell alignment in reports needs to be right


Ticket No.Description
XTRF-12644Add more information about sender in messages sent from Customer Portal
XTRF-15352Minor Improvement: Landing Card - editor issues
XTRF-15517Minor Improvement: Specify your service - incorrect message on continue button
XTRF-16196Minor Improvement: Editing contact person in view mode
XTRF-16500Minor Improvement: Provider Price List - Rates are not displayed on the list
XTRF-16520Minor Improvement: Provider Portal - Payment Method - wrong tool tip
XTRF-16626Minor Improvement: Bundle priority order not reflected on Workflow Graph tab in task and workflow definition
XTRF-16644Minor Improvement: Incorrectly set margins in BIRT-generated-PDFs
XTRF-16684Minor Improvement: Tags related to sender suggested for e-mail template / footer don't work while working tags related to user are not suggested
XTRF-16691Minor Improvement: Configuration - problem with long label
XTRF-16713Minor Improvement: Unable to close job in Job Manager without uploading files
XTRF-16747Minor Improvement: Vendor Portal: Strange behavior of "Chosen" component
XTRF-16787Minor Improvement: Periodic job export does not display evaluation
XTRF-16793Minor Improvement: Customers cannot edit their accounts in Portal
XTRF-16806Minor Improvement: Profile editing - inconsistent behavior while removing service
XTRF-16842Minor Improvement: Setting evaluation grade takes longer than 10-15 seconds
XTRF-16850Minor Improvement: Jobs Browse - Current / All - Evaluation is always empty