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Here you can find a list of all enhancements and updates available in version 2014 Summer (3.3).

Work Log Redone

  • New improved Work Log function counts your work time.
  • Stop watch in the main menu. Users can see how much time current activities take.
  • No more pop up windows at log out. System automatically saves your activities and presents them as a clear time line day by day.
  • Better management of the work log entries. You can use macros to export them to an external systems.

Customer Portal

  • By adding a Landing Card with customizable content (text) to the customer portal dashboard, you can show all your clients important information. It will be the first thing they see upon logging in.

Vendor Portal

  • Improved sign up form in Vendor portal. More viable information can be introduced at registration.
  • Updating your provider profiles simpler but you are still in control. Providers can edit their profile and send them for your approval.
  • Less work on your hands since your providers can edit their payment credentials i.e. the payment method.

To learn more on how to start using the new Vendor Portal go to: How Can I Use the Vendor Portal?.


  • Improved integration with SDL Trados Studio. CAT analyses are created at the beginning of the project.
  • An additional parameter of SDL Trados Studio analyses, "locked segments", is now supported.
  • Generic actions added in CAT tools. One action allows to perform a set of batch tasks.
  • New calculation units in CAT analysis. Number of characters can now be retrieved from CAT tool logs that contain such information.
  • Extended SOAP-API. There is a possibility to define Account Manager and Project Manager.

Other Improvements

  • Business reports customization. More flexibility in your reports related to TM matches, you can define a calculation unit for your report.
  • You can get rid of unwanted tasks. There is possibility to cancel or close a task in the system.
  • Adding a contact person is faster and easier. Fill in 4 short fields in pop up window and it is done.
  • Improved e-mail sending keeps your mailbox free of doubled messages.
  • It is easier to find information. You can search in the system by the language combination.
  • CSV attachment files can be saved to local drives.
  • Improved ZIP files naming. Less confusion in the file exchange process since you can define the file names.
  • Easier browsing trough the System values. Your view is not distorted by preferred values any more.
  • The editor for macros and virtual columns has been improved.

Discontinued Functionality

  • Support for SDL Trados Studio 2009 has been removed in integration.
  • Pseudo-user has been removed.
  • Intermediary bank data is no longer stored in separate fields. It has been merged into one fields.
  • The possibility to switch to the old system design has been removed.