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This is a list of changes between minor versions of 2015 Winter 3.5.x.





See Changes Related to the Integrated External Systems

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Ticket No.ComponentDescription
XTRF-24480GUI / Web BrowserMinor Improvement: E-mail validation - Exporting Client Contact Persons



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-23888Minor Improvement: Viewing Client Payments
XTRF-23904Minor Improvement: Using link in Task header in project workflow
XTRF-23926Task: Handling expressions in Client Invoices



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-23742Minor Improvement: Creating Project Tasks with "latest payment due date" expression
XTRF-23803Minor Improvement: Selecting dates in Business Report
XTRF-23861Minor Improvement:  Availability of Task Workflow instance option in Project Templates
XTRF-23870Minor Improvement: Edit mode of Branches - Country field



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-23757Minor Improvement: Back action for Adding Pro-forma Invoice



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-23618Minor Improvement: Contact Person view: Return from Save & Exit and Exit actions
XTRF-23687Minor Improvement: Signing in to Vendor Portal
XTRF-23704Minor Improvement: Uploading CAT Analysis file



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-22647Minor Improvement: Job Manager links in e-mails sent to vendors
XTRF-23608Minor Improvement: FTP configuration issue
XTRF-23619Minor Improvement: Files and folders flow while converting Quote to Project



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-23509Minor Improvement: Transferring invoices to QuickBooks Online
XTRF-23514Minor Improvement: Text in Client Notes



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-23357Minor Improvement: FTP password management
XTRF-23464Minor Improvement: Smart Views: view list visibility in Chrome browse
XTRF-23470Minor Improvement: Uploading file in Social Media tab while creating user
XTRF-23489Minor Improvement:  Localization issue in file upload window



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-23431Minor Improvement: Displaying Vendor/Client Contact Person information
XTRF-23451Minor Improvement: Opening directories using Directory option on delivery e-mails



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-23298Minor Improvement: Copying files from Input to Output



Ticket No.Description
HPSALES-33Minor Improvement: Disabling possibility to add inactive Sales Person to opportunity



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-23191Minor Improvement: Fixing Show Warning for Jobs Attempted to be Finished without Output Files option in Workflow Definition



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-23168Minor Improvement: Branch-level Set Sender Address field visibility in GUI



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-22939Minor Improvement: startDateDisplay variable in default Email Reminder templates
XTRF-22960Minor Improvement: Customer selection from the list when creating quote/project
XTRF-22982Minor Improvement: Projects export in Smart View
XTRF-22999Minor Improvement: Change of special characters while downloading a file
XTRF-23047Minor Improvement: Saving and updating Feedback/Evaluation for a language





Ticket No.Description
XTRF-22885Minor Improvement: Field matching between XTRF Platform and QuickBooks: vendor invoice internal number as memo in QuickBooks
XTRF-22945Minor Improvement: Enhancing QuickBooks migration scripts in terms of invoice synchronization





Ticket No.Description
XTRF-22615Minor Improvement: Copying Project Coordinator from client profile to quote when requesting quote from Customer Portal
XTRF-22745Minor Improvement: Adding a vendor with conversion issue
XTRF-22755Minor Improvement: In-house vendors assignments
XTRF-22810Minor Improvement: Enhancing messages when saving changes in Customer Resources
XTRF-22825Minor Improvement: Improving memoQ integration in regards of analysis recognition
XTRF-22860Minor Improvement: Editing payables
XTRF-22887Minor Improvement: Number-type filters for comma separator in views
XTRF-22900Minor Improvement: Starting Job when Availability Request and Start Right Away is used
XTRF-22872Improvement: Integration of XTRF Agent for SDL Trados Studio 5.1 with XTRF Platform



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-22652Sub-task: Directory for Document Templates
XTRF-22654Sub-task: Language code in Document Templates code shouldn't be changed
XTRF-22724Minor Improvement: Refreshing Receivable panels
XTRF-22755Minor Improvement: In-house vendors assignments
XTRF-22769Minor Improvement: Enhancing job evaluation filters
XTRF-22542Task: Messages in Smart Views



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-22372Minor Improvement: Localization: Serbian (Latin) code
XTRF-22688Minor Improvement: Editing default CAT grid
XTRF-22710Minor Improvement: QuickBooks - Invoice appearance after synchronization
XTRF-22718Minor Improvement: Exception when creating workflow with Memsource external system
XTRF-22723Minor Improvement: Filter in Add Customer Invoice



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-18048Minor Improvement: Two Prepare Packages actions in SDL Trados Studio integration
XTRF-22582Minor Improvement: Bundle flow in workflows while clearing database
XTRF-22585Minor Improvement: Merging vendors
XTRF-22586Minor Improvement: Adjusting availability requests
XTRF-22611Minor Improvement: Using Change and Apply button in Edit mode
XTRF-22624Minor Improvement: Filtering rule for a particular job's request
XTRF-22629Minor Improvement: Improving Evaluation column in Smart Views
XTRF-22644Minor Improvement: Improving Quote Conversion
XTRF-22664Minor Improvement: Enhancing filter for Specialization query



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-22310Minor Improvement: Invoice synchronization to QuickBooks
XTRF-22441Minor Improvement: Special characters in names with searching/import
XTRF-22460Minor Improvement: Reminder e-mails sending
XTRF-22461Minor Improvement: "Create External System" with already existing "Name"
XTRF-22474Minor Improvement: Adding terminology rights for editors in XTM
XTRF-22480Minor Improvement: Marking service as default
XTRF-22483Minor Improvement: File analysis in SDL Trados Studio integration
XTRF-22486Minor Improvement: View Project/Quotes details for brand new users
XTRF-22504Minor Improvement: Pretranslation using machine translation in memoQ integration
XTRF-22508Minor Improvement: Issue with changing worklow after client sends request from Customer Portal
XTRF-22509Minor Improvement: Incorrect ES spelling
XTRF-22526Minor Improvement: Using parameters from Workflow Definition for task created with memoQ / Memsource
XTRF-22539Minor Improvement: Customer selection using Internet Explorer
XTRF-22540Minor Improvement: Fields of study - "Translation Studies" missing
XTRF-22577Minor Improvement: Copy missing files from Input to Output
XTRF-22598Minor Improvement: Improving Logs Browser for QuickBooks integration



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-22227Minor Improvement: Synchronize users in Salesforce synchronization
XTRF-22304Minor Improvement: Refreshing data after Multiple Change action
XTRF-22333Minor Improvement: Selecting Customer when creating Quote
XTRF-22346Minor Improvement: Customers deactivatoin in QuickBooks
XTRF-22395Minor Improvement: QuickBooks Online - Vendor billing issue
XTRF-22402Minor Improvement: Issue with availability request e-mail language
XTRF-22446Minor Improvement: Creating task folder inside folder of another task
XTRF-22448Minor Improvement: Fully paid invoices displayed as "partially paid"
XTRF-22453Minor Improvement: Fields are considered as advanced in My Account settings
XTRF-22490Minor Improvement: QuickBooks Online - Issue with synchronization



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-22374Minor Improvement: Entry not added, 'Log time before log in' disappears
XTRF-22376Minor Improvement: "Cannot convert to GUID" message when finalizing project
XTRF-22383Minor Improvement: Issue with sending e-mails
XTRF-22391Minor Improvement: Re-entering the system



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-22327Minor Improvement: Main menu - UI on Safari
XTRF-22346Minor Improvement: Customers deactivation in QB
XTRF-22359Minor Improvement: Issue with saving Receivables status
XTRF-22362Minor Improvement: Checking if action is in progress



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-22136Minor Improvement: memoQ Integration - Provider assignment
XTRF-22298Minor Improvement: Calculation discrepancies
XTRF-22301Minor Improvement: XTRF connection with External System: XTM
XTRF-22317Minor Improvement: Vendors assignments in Memsource
XTRF-22321Minor Improvement: Issue with % row in CAT receivable
XTRF-22324Minor Improvement: Editing a Project with multiple language combinations



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-22037Minor Improvement: Source Files bundle in a project using customized Workflow
XTRF-22042Minor Improvement: Adding resources to Workflow
XTRF-22199Minor Improvement: Issue with invoice editing positions
XTRF-22225Minor Improvement: Issues with Salesforce synchronization periodic job
XTRF-22226Minor Improvement: Percentage receivable calculation in Total Receivables
XTRF-22289Minor Improvement: Creating Project with XTM
XTRF-22291Minor Improvement: Files availability for translator
XTRF-22297Minor Improvement: Issue with searching Projects when using Smart Views
XTRF-22309Minor Improvement: Creating Task with SDL Trados Studio integration
XTRF-22296Task: Add Serbian Document Templates



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-17293Minor Improvement: Repeated "Data was modified by another user" messages
XTRF-20289Minor Improvement: Smart Views: Customer Profile shortcuts
XTRF-21813Minor Improvement: Move directories for Task
XTRF-22006Minor Improvement: Output file not translated
XTRF-22026Minor Improvement: Issue with filters - Dates increment after refreshing view
XTRF-22036Minor Improvement: CRM: Suggestions in recipient fields
XTRF-22098Minor Improvement: Salesforce integration
XTRF-22121Minor Improvement: Lost drop-down navigation in client profile, when associated with more offices
XTRF-22175Minor Improvement: Deleting Vendor inactive Price Profile
XTRF-22216Minor Improvement: Automatic Deadline Calculation
XTRF-22217Minor Improvement: Smart Views - access permissions
XTRF-22222Minor Improvement: Salesforce configuration display
XTRF-22256Minor Improvement: Automatic word count for receivables - delay
XTRF-22262Minor Improvement: Salesforce syncing issue - periodic job
XTRF-22267Minor Improvement: Improving security of dashboard
XTRF-22276Minor Improvement: Syncing issue - QuickBooks Online
XTRF-22290Minor Improvement: Cannot create project with Memsource



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-15872Minor Improvement: Issue with numbering scheme for Task generates non-unique identifier
XTRF-17361Minor Improvement: CRM: Edit Customer profile
XTRF-17856Minor Improvement: Sales person in quote vs. project
XTRF-18832Minor Improvement: Periodic Jobs stopped
XTRF-19908Minor Improvement: Upper menu bar problem on narrow screens
XTRF-21841Minor Improvement: Name of the view displayed incorrectly
XTRF-21907Minor Improvement: Work Log - switching activities
XTRF-21953Minor Improvement: Salesforce syncing issue
XTRF-22052Minor Improvement: Customers: adding Resource
XTRF-22115Minor Improvement: Invoices: timeout in macro
XTRF-22116Minor Improvement: Adding missing Jobs in a Quote with CAT Tool integration
XTRF-22148Minor Improvement: Periodic Job - execution
XTRF-22154Minor Improvement: Improvement listing in Smart Views
XTRF-22158Minor Improvement: Work log design
XTRF-22159Minor Improvement: Bundles: creating Project by Duplicate action
XTRF-22165Minor Improvement: Tag ${loggedInUser} works incorrectly in templates
XTRF-22182Minor Improvement: Availability Requests: email notifications
XTRF-22212Minor Improvement: SDL Trados Studio - missing output



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-17785Minor Improvement: Work Log - User Group Setting - design issue
XTRF-18987Minor Improvement: Creating Project from Project Template: Customer Rates
XTRF-21219Minor Improvement: Creating Quote with "One to Many" option
XTRF-21875Minor Improvement: XTM - adding CAT Receivable using External System
XTRF-22005Minor Improvement: Customer Quote filename: "Add" button alignment
XTRF-22017Minor Improvement: Smart Views: sorting
XTRF-22078Minor Improvement: Modules & background scrolling
XTRF-22088Minor Improvement: Creating Project from Project Template - active conversation context
XTRF-22038Improvement: Multiple change on Customer Price List Rates



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-21966Minor Improvement: Refreshing Auto-calculate Total Cost in Payables tab
XTRF-21900Minor Improvement: Exception when adding a customer workflow resource to a workflow
XTRF-21894Minor Improvement: Memsource workflow - symbol property
XTRF-21733Minor Improvement: QuickBooks sync - non-Latin characters
XTRF-21349Minor Improvement: QuickBooks Online currencies
XTRF-20665Minor Improvement: Availability request e-mails when there's no deadline
XTRF-17914Minor Improvement: Search doesn't allow a user to get an entity displayed, if they have insufficient permission
XTRF-15317Minor Improvement: Project Workflow design



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-21918Minor Improvement: Files matching
XTRF-21917Minor Improvement: Project GUID in SDL Trados Integration
XTRF-21916Minor Improvement: Output Files Policy improvement
XTRF-21902Minor Improvement: Amounts in QuickBooks
XTRF-21898Minor Improvement: Quickbooks Integration - Invoice amount
XTRF-21880Minor Improvement: Customer profiles edition
XTRF-21812Minor Improvement: Customer browse
XTRF-21406Minor Improvement: Quote Creation - "add contact person"
XTRF-20936Minor Improvement: Provider Account Statement sending
XTRF-19330Minor Improvement: Assign Aproved Providers in Availability Requests selecting approved providers
XTRF-18924Minor Improvement: Workflow graph - date format
XTRF-17914Minor Improvement: Search takes a user to an entity and shows it even, if the they have no right to edit
XTRF-13532Minor Improvement: Adjusting pop-up window after rejection of quote



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-21269Minor Improvement: Fixed filter support
XTRF-21366Minor Improvement: After importing vendors with contacts, I want to invite them to use the portal
XTRF-21634Minor Improvement: QuickBooks Online International - add full support
XTRF-21777Minor Improvement: shortStatus not available before license agreement
XTRF-18661Minor Improvement: Set BIRT 4 context
XTRF-15544Minor Improvement: Email template format changed with upgrade
XTRF-18240Minor Improvement: Work log time line blinks while clicking "add" and data is invalid
XTRF-20824Minor Improvement: Repeated exceptions (javax.servlet.ServletException: null source)
XTRF-21331Minor Improvement: E-mail notification for customer password reset
XTRF-21495Minor Improvement: Internet Explorer 11: Workflow Graph job statuses
XTRF-21565Minor Improvement: Enable to see Periodic Job logs
XTRF-21572Minor Improvement: Fill out template when I add a new language
XTRF-21633Minor Improvement: Converting quote to project - status setting, provider selection
XTRF-21677Minor Improvement: QuickBooks Online sync periodic job run on proper schedule
XTRF-21724Minor Improvement: Enter dashboard
XTRF-21734Minor Improvement: Minor Improvement:Searching by internal ID in QB Integration Log
XTRF-21762Minor Improvement: Download Task input work file
XTRF-21779Minor Improvement: Customers:Changing tab before Save action completion
XTRF-21800, XTRF-21822Minor Improvement: Salesforce integration
XTRF-21803Minor Improvement: Partner querying
XTRF-21819Minor Improvement: Import RTF bilingual document at the end of the process
XTRF-21823Minor Improvement: XTM: when trying to add receivable when Name contains nonstandard  characters
XTRF-21838Minor Improvement: Minimum charge applied properly for "Create Item for Each Task Receivable"
XTRF-21842Minor Improvement:Dearchive project: -  'userReminderManager' resolved
XTRF-21845Minor Improvement: Share views with group 'XTRF Support' thus with xtrf-team account
XTRF-21874Minor Improvement: Minor Improvement:Dearchiving project without deadline (if Deadline is mandatory)



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-17297Minor Improvement: Problem with dates in Workflow Graph
XTRF-17525Minor Improvement: When Price List name edited, still old name is displayed in several places
XTRF-20338Minor Improvement: PDF icon for templates with DOCX output
XTRF-18831Task: JBoss - Prepare example folder with custom localization
XTRF-21497Minor Improvement: Temporary files not removed
XTRF-21533Minor Improvement: Exception when going to main contact after enabling Customer Portal / Partner Zone Access Allowed
XTRF-21729Minor Improvement: Home directory duplicated in directories with ${projectOrQuoteDir}
XTRF-21736Minor Improvement: Work log users changed



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-15242Minor Improvement: Project workflow - project task - the name is cut off
XTRF-17296Minor Improvement: Problem with arrows in Workflow Graph
XTRF-17472Minor Improvement: When I type quantity values in CAT payable/receivable very fast, some values are lost
XTRF-17506Minor Improvement: Deleting jobs does not remove appropriate folders
XTRF-18349Minor Improvement: Giving rights according to permission matrix
XTRF-20278Minor Improvement: First start - design problem with "Recheck"
XTRF-21245Minor Improvement: Exception when trying to switch to the Smart View view
XTRF-21269Task: Frontend - Add icon to locked filter
XTRF-21275Task: Change view selection logic
XTRF-21418Minor Improvement: When I want to upload a second file with the same name as a previous one
XTRF-21480Minor Improvement: QuickBooks Online does not handle Invoice synchronization when number of services exceeds 1000
XTRF-21490Minor Improvement: Problem caused by issue: Make calculation (rounding) of amount modifiers configurable
XTRF-21502Minor Improvement: Bad looking e-mails in Outlook 2010 and 2013
XTRF-21508Minor Improvement: Email preview doesn't work for not saved templates
XTRF-21512Minor Improvement: Exception when trying to enter Project module
XTRF-21522Minor Improvement: Saving SMS template works only when e-mail template is changed
XTRF-21524Minor Improvement: Missing methods on CustomerSnapshot
XTRF-21527Minor Improvement: Exception when trying to overwrite file in output (java.lang.NullPointerException)
XTRF-21540Minor Improvement: Exception when selecting TM Resource as a default one
XTRF-21548Minor Improvement: Delivery email not always sent
XTRF-21269Task: Frontend - Tooltip upon lock icon
XTRF-21269Task: Frontend - Remove or hide caret and calendar icon if filter is locked
XTRF-21563Minor Improvement: Blank page when opening Import in Firefox
XTRF-21564Minor Improvement: Message displayed when something cannot be sent due to incorrect expression is unclear
XTRF-21568Minor Improvement: Duplicate key value violates unique constraint "file_stats_pkey"
XTRF-21570Minor Improvement: concurrencyFailure and viewExpired should be shown on the same page
XTRF-21579Minor Improvement: Please click here for details in integration messages is not working
XTRF-21589Minor Improvement: Searching workflow by its display name does not work
XTRF-21591Minor Improvement: There is no option to restore theme styles
XTRF-21604Minor Improvement: Provider CAT grid is not being taken in an SDL Trados Studio Integration workflow with assigned Provider
XTRF-21608Minor Improvement: QuickBooks Online not synchronized when item name contains chars forbidden in XML
XTRF-21627Minor Improvement: I can't scroll down customer profile
XTRF-21639Minor Improvement: Last email sending error not shown properly in undeliverable messages
XTRF-21661Minor Improvement: Usability issue - numbers in browse pages overlapping
XTRF-21667Minor Improvement: Incorrect filter values on Select Provider Price Profile view
XTRF-21669Minor Improvement: Add new view not showing in Smart Views
XTRF-21678Task: Translate emailThemeDefault to all languages



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-15551Minor Improvement: Being able to send availability request when a provider is already selected
XTRF-18284Minor Improvement: Create mailing list - cursor does not move to pop-up window
XTRF-18372Minor Improvement: Contact Summary - views are coupled for vendor and customer
XTRF-18778Minor Improvement: Quotes: Actions options are shown when not not available
XTRF-19446Minor Improvement: Add Selected Recipients under Action button does not work
XTRF-20277Enable data imports for localisations other than English 
XTRF-20603Add new default views to existing installations when migrating on upgrade 
XTRF-20648Importing custom fields 
XTRF-20785Minor Improvement: Texts about provider productivity in provider profile are sticked together
XTRF-20830Importing: Handle replacing rates in price lists
XTRF-20901Minor Improvement: Salesforce integration hangs
XTRF-21161Update accept / reject pages
XTRF-21189Minor Improvement: Issue while importing rates
XTRF-21190Minor Improvement: Project with external system does not use settings from system configuration
XTRF-21193Minor Improvement: Issue while finishing client review in the Customer Portal using integrations
XTRF-21257Importing: Handle large files 
XTRF-21277Display information icon when no suitable view 
XTRF-21349Minor Improvement: QuickBooks Online issues with currencies
XTRF-21389Update pop-up window indicates send notification 
XTRF-21390Minor Improvement: Issue when deleting file from Task Output
XTRF-21397Minor Improvement: Selecting discount/surcharge item from the list does not remove the item from the select option
XTRF-21415Minor Improvement: Work log cannot handle some URLs
XTRF-21421Minor Improvement: Quote is not converted into project after customer acceptance
XTRF-21435Minor Improvement: Added rates deleted from receivables
XTRF-21479Minor Improvement: Invoices are not synchronized when number of services exceeds 100
XTRF-21492Minor Improvement: Specific Evaluation column displays wrong value in reports
XTRF-21507Minor Improvement: Notify customer - add spinner to indicate call in progress
XTRF-21519Minor Improvement: Cannot open Competencies & Rates tab
XTRF-21529Minor Improvement: Broken FTP links in notifications for customer





Ticket No.Description
XTRF-13231Minor Improvement:Create Opportunity - issue with white space in name (java.lang.IllegalArgumentException)
XTRF-15959Management of accounts, settings etc. in the Vendor Portal 
XTRF-16478Successful message page while registering 
XTRF-16914Improvements in the Vendor Portal 
XTRF-18137Minor Improvement:When requesting quote/project in the Customer Portal and going back from last step to previous ones, the price profile is lost
XTRF-18220Show Opportunity Offers to customers and allow them choose 
XTRF-18412Make sure there is always a default T&C file for general terms of portal use 
XTRF-18562Minor Improvement:Awaiting Reviews - loaded file duplicates (FF)
XTRF-19823Minor Improvement: Minor Improvement: Issue with playing video
XTRF-20497Update contents of the new accept / reject pages and default emails 
XTRF-20696Minor Improvement: Not unique provider personal file directory
XTRF-20858Opportunity - message about not sent notification 
XTRF-21059Minor Improvement: Rejecting of quote - amount is always 0
XTRF-21154Minor Improvement: No service found exception when exporting customer price list
XTRF-21190Minor Improvement: Project with external system does not use settings from system configuration
XTRF-21237Minor Improvement: Issue when creating a quote by a client sent, but quote created correctly
XTRF-21282Minor Improvement: Option 'active' in e-mail theme does not work correctly
XTRF-21332Minor Improvement: Custom fields cause redundant "unsaved modifications" pop-up window
XTRF-21347Minor Improvement: Exception when exporting customer rates (java.lang.IllegalArgumentException)
XTRF-21363Minor Improvement: Problem creating new Contact Person on Opportunity
XTRF-21388API - return information about sending quotes 
XTRF-21419Minor Improvement: The Customer Portal stops working when I want to upload a second file with the same name
XTRF-21438Minor Improvement: If ENTER key is pressed while creating a new opportunity, the "Create Contact Person" dialogue is opened even though customer is not selected
XTRF-21440Adjust current edit name view



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-14647When logged into portal, I want to change who is assigned to job as contact person 
XTRF-17991Minor Improvement: Issue with table lines in the Invoice browse
XTRF-18398Minor Improvement: Password reset - inconsistent buttons
XTRF-20107Minor Improvement: Duplicated files in task output when last job is restarted and closed second time
XTRF-20567Minor Improvement: Picture size is not working in E-mail Theme
XTRF-20783Minor Improvement: Issue while downloading file in the Vendor Portal by clicking on filename
XTRF-20803Remove E-mail/SMS to Customer: When opportunity is sent to a customer 
XTRF-21044Update text of remaining e-mail templates 
XTRF-21047Send single mail when multiple quotes were rejected 
XTRF-21089Minor Improvement: Unable to create an invoice - no fields highlighted
XTRF-21136Minor Improvement: Issues while adding a vacation
XTRF-21161Update accept / reject pages - ultimate lifting 
XTRF-21255Minor Improvement: After leaving "My Account" during registration wrong step is displayed
XTRF-21301Minor Improvement: Multiple choice in provider status filter in "Select Providers Manually"(Requests) not working
XTRF-21304Minor Improvement: Opportunity - after issue with sending notification show normal message
XTRF-21308Linguistic improvements to the Vendor Portal 
XTRF-21340Sign in as this vendor person in a new window
XTRF-21352Minor Improvement: Exception when sending an Opportunity to customer
XTRF-21368Minor Improvement: PO downloaded from the provider portal lacks the ".pdf" file extension
XTRF-21369Exception when saving e-mail template - No test entity found for name: Activity 
XTRF-21374Minor Improvement: Cannot get value for property: __virtualColumn_141 when acessing resources in Projects module
XTRF-21392Minor Improvement: Null value in column "bundles_for_output" violates not-null constraint when unchecking provider notification





Ticket No.Description
XTRF-19027In order to achieve more automation when dealing with opportunities, I want quotes to be rejected/accepted depending on the related offer, as sales 
XTRF-18542Minor Improvement: Too many messages after changing password of an account
XTRF-19802Minor Improvement: [Templates] Button BCC partially hidden when too many tags added
XTRF-20102Minor Improvement: Customer Portal Login form: cannot reset password for an existing account
XTRF-20665Availability request e-mails contain text about deadline and variable name when there is no deadline
XTRF-20672Minor Improvement: Broken default e-mail footer in non-UK English versions
XTRF-20749Minor Improvement: Quote status does not change after "closed lost"
XTRF-20756Minor Improvement: Project Coordinator is not automatically suggested in project and quote
XTRF-20782Minor Improvement: Vendor Portal - Preferred Contact Language: Polish regardless of the interface language selected
XTRF-20787Minor Improvement: Incorrect information about unrated jobs in provider profile
XTRF-20797Minor Improvement: Opportunity - issue while refreshing
XTRF-21127Allow to change assignee in Job details
XTRF-21152Minor Improvement: Exception in Memsource integration (Cannot authorize user in the external system)
XTRF-21188Minor Improvement: Exception when opening task
XTRF-21228Minor Improvement: Broken link for XTRF logo in emails
XTRF-21253Minor Improvement: Task copy and automatic workflow start causes duplicated resource assignment, and issue while creating external project
XTRF-21254Enable checking which account is migrated to the Vendor Portal on browses/filters
XTRF-21267Minor Improvement: Customer portal search results deletes when browsing result pages
XTRF-21278Minor Improvement: Exception when opening Vendor profiles
XTRF-21295Minor Improvement: Sign in as this Partner to the Customer Portal is not working properly
XTRF-21310Minor Improvement: Issue with Relation business report
XTRF-21345Minor Improvement: Not allowed to view details of new branch in the General Configuration
XTRF-21346Minor Improvement: Refresh Input Files always copies input files
XTRF-21351Minor Improvement: DataAccessException: connection proxy not usable after transaction completion
XTRF-21365Minor Improvement: Opportunity - drop-down menu for close reason is not shown



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-21177TMs are not updated during project finalisation in memoQ



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-13310Allow uploading files (resume/CV) while registering and profile editing
XTRF-20082Create button "Sign in as this Vendor" with redirect logic
XTRF-20783Minor Improvement: Downloading file in Vendor Portal by clicking on filename (or the whole bar) impossible
XTRF-20891Add file size and files number limitation to upload
XTRF-21243Minor Improvement: LazyInitializationException in integration projects



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-17940Make private logs contain date, not only time
XTRF-17991Minor Improvement: Table lines in the Invoice browse
XTRF-20113Minor Improvement: Vendor Portal does not show any labels in not supported language
XTRF-20182Minor Improvement: While creating email template the email template type cannot be changed
XTRF-20496Links to accept / reject quotes from old Partner Zone should redirect to the new offer pages
XTRF-20876Handle redirect from "Sign is as this Vendor"
XTRF-20938Minor Improvement: Problem with SDL Trados Studio packages containing subfolders when XTRF is installed on Linux
XTRF-21082Minor Improvement: Quote accepted / rejected page - Deadline is always empty
XTRF-21123API - Return list of users possible to select as assignee in Job
XTRF-21126Minor Improvement: Links to external systems (Memsource and XTM) are not working
XTRF-21158Minor Improvement: Updating custom field of type "data" does not work
XTRF-21191API - Change assignee in Job
XTRF-21200Minor Improvement: TM rates are not applied in integrated quote/project



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-20730Minor Improvement: Memsource & XTM Edit token from job manager not working
XTRF-21084Minor Improvement: User is not able to edit anything or change pages in the CRM Module
XTRF-20241Minor Improvement: Broken email template preview
XTRF-20709Improve file upload mechanism
XTRF-20957Minor Improvement: Invalid migration caused customer invoice items to be sent with strange names
XTRF-21090Minor Improvement: All status buttons / arrows moved



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-20897Minor Improvement: QuickBooks Online integration uses wrong URL
XTRF-16886Minor Improvement: Receivables / Payables - design issue
XTRF-16986Minor Improvement: Filters do not show the selection items right away in Internet Explorer 11
XTRF-18720Minor Improvement: CAT Payable - design problem with radio button
XTRF-18799Minor Improvement: Exception when creating contact person and clicking Show Profile before saving
XTRF-19674Minor Improvement: Design issues
XTRF-19926Contacts component should be disabled if customization of recipients is not allowed
XTRF-20238Minor Improvement: Opportunity details - design issues
XTRF-20331Minor Improvement: Incorrect vendor profile applied
XTRF-20684Minor Improvement: When localized texts are missing in xtrf-accounts, string names are displayed instead of default English values
XTRF-20800Update text of default e-mail templates related to quotes
XTRF-20801Send email for quotes instead opportunity
XTRF-20802Update accept / reject pages
XTRF-20804Minor Improvement: Handle rejecting multiple quotes
XTRF-20822Minor Improvement: XTRF Home Portal API requires extra payment message should not be displayed on API page
XTRF-20877Minor Improvement: Business reports - missing custom field filter
XTRF-20920Minor Improvement:  Status bar visual lifting
XTRF-20923Minor Improvement: Login form can be submitted twice
XTRF-20939Minor Improvement: Error when clicking "I am available" in Availability Request
XTRF-21043Minor Improvement: [VP]Upload files - enabled in configuration - not available in registration



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-20731Minor Improvement: In workflows with SDL Trados Studio integration, when using CAT tool action for creating packages, the "package for [job]" tab is missing
XTRF-20835Minor Improvement: XTRF does not reuse external project even if no changes were made



Please mind that if you want to update your XTRF Platform to the 3.5.8 version you need to upgrade JBoss Application Server.

Ticket No.Description
XTRF-18443Minor Improvement: Error when trying to access Partner Management -> Vendor Portal
XTRF-20423Minor Improvement: Two not localized texts in Customer Portal
XTRF-20706Minor Improvement: Copying a task breaks connection between task on the project level and language-specific task
XTRF-18831Add a disclaimer information to customer portal's login page
XTRF-20485Minor Improvement: Notify Customer - problem with "Closed Lost"
XTRF-20505Minor Improvement: XTRF Support access link opens client's system in the same tab instead of a new one
XTRF-20513Minor Improvement: Cannot complete registration process of new user at Vendor Portal
XTRF-20532Minor Improvement: Incorrect information about Output Files Policy shown in quote/project
XTRF-20754Minor Improvement: XTM connector - general error
XTRF-20788Minor Improvement: Cannot add source text to task input
XTRF-20790Minor Improvement: [VP] Progress bar: upload files to Job cannot complete...
XTRF-20796Minor Improvement: Restoring default notification doesn't work
XTRF-20799Allow to send email for multiple quotes
XTRF-20811Refactor file unloader.
XTRF-20814Minor Improvement: TO field not working on Edit & Send
XTRF-20842Minor Improvement: Basic menu tabs in Home Portal not visible
XTRF-20866Minor Improvement: [VP] Cannot create invoice: validation indicates missing data
XTRF-20196Change message when adding user with non-unique e-mail
XTRF-20755Minor Improvement: SDL Trados Studio project creation failure when creating CAT analysis of files is required and Scan task is selected (GUI changes only)
XTRF-20781Minor Improvement: Exception when going to projects from customers profile
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