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This is a list of changes between minor versions of XTRF Language Business Platform 4.0.x.





See Changes Related to the Integrated External Systems

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Ticket No.ComponentDescription
XTRF-24853Updates and UpgradesMinor Improvement: Duplicated groups for client status while starting XTRF Platform



Ticket No.ComponentDescription
VP-627Join / Sign upMinor Improvement: The data validity check accepts new e-mail domains



Ticket No.ComponentDescription
XTRF-24673VendorMinor Improvement: Changing vendor status
XTRF-24704GeneralMinor Improvement: Localization Typo in the Home Portal - My Account
XTRF-24754ProjectMinor Improvement: Assigning vendors in the Client Review job



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-23626Minor Improvement: Selecting Price Profiles and Price Lists
XTRF-23749Minor Improvement: Applying selected separators into .CSV exports
XTRF-23803Minor Improvement: Selecting dates in Business Report
XTRF-23861Minor Improvement: Availability of Task Workflow instance option in Project Templates
XTRF-23865Minor Improvement: Availability of Serbian (Latin) Document Templates in the database
XTRF-23866Minor Improvement: Changing order of items in Client Invoice
XTRF-23869Minor Improvement: Creating CAT payables
XTRF-23887Minor Improvement: Searching for vendors by email address
XTRF-23888Minor Improvement: Viewing Client Payments
XTRF-23904Minor Improvement: Using link in Task header in project workflow
XTRF-23926Task: Handling expressions in Client Invoices



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-23688Minor Improvement: Deadline date in columns in Smart Views
XTRF-23742Minor Improvement: Creating Project Tasks with "latest payment due date" expression



Minor Improvement: Welcome email for new user account in Email/SMS Templates
XTRF-23841Minor Improvement: Vendor last name population after registration/migration
XTRF-23855Minor Improvement: Exporting client and vendor contacts in Smart Views
XTRF-23857Minor Improvement: Slovak translations of calendar
XTRF-23870Minor Improvement: Edit mode of Branches - Country field



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-23686Minor Improvement: XTM data file limit in Quote
XTRF-23734Minor Improvement: Pressing Cancel button when viewing tasks in projects
XTRF-23744Minor Improvement: SDL Trados Studio analysis of chars and words when doing CAT receivables
XTRF-23748Minor Improvement: Resizing pop-up windows in Home Portal
XTRF-23757Minor Improvement: Back action for Adding Pro-forma Invoice
XTRF-23768Minor Improvement: Changing password when integrated with Memsource
XTRF-23673Task: Asynchronous Actions while integrating with external systems



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-23618Minor Improvement: Contact Person view: Return from Save & Exit and Exit actions
XTRF-23644Minor Improvement: Changing deadline date or Contact Person in project settings
XTRF-23687Minor Improvement: Signing in to Vendor Portal
XTRF-23704Minor Improvement: Uploading CAT Analysis file
XTRF-23705Minor Improvement: : Setting up rowsCount value in Customization view



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-22647Minor Improvement: Job Manager links in e-mails sent to vendors
XTRF-22859Minor Improvement: Query operators alignment in Smart Views
XTRF-23110Minor Improvement: Currency tag visibility in Business Reports
XTRF-23288Minor Improvement: Multiple Change wizard and job selection
XTRF-23289Minor Improvement: Tasks view and Create Invoice button in Smart Views
XTRF-23316Minor Improvement: Document Template preview in configuration
XTRF-23447Minor Improvement: Output files automatic upload to Project level and file generation Job
XTRF-23575Minor Improvement: Filtering client names
XTRF-23608Minor Improvement: FTP configuration issue
XTRF-23619Minor Improvement: Files and folders flow while converting Quote to Project
XTRF-23624Minor Improvement: Asynchronous Actions in Pending state while integrating with SDL Trados Studio
XTRF-23637Minor Improvement: Updating multiple change method
XTRF-23340Improvement: Notification Length
XTRF-23631Improvement: : Default settings of Vendor Price Profile Smart Views
XTRF-23121Task: Add Norwegian translations of email templates
XTRF-23627Task: Managing output and input folders in Project workflow



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-23379Minor Improvement: The "Start All Workflows" button triggers all kinds of workflows in project
XTRF-23446Minor Improvement: Access to Output files while integrating with SDL Trados Studio
XTRF-23471Minor Improvement: Displaying CRM data in Russian language in Smart Views
XTRF-23503Minor Improvement: "Select Vendor Price Profile" view filter reset when switching to another job
XTRF-23504Minor Improvement: Smart Views for Select Vendor and Select Vendor Manually options
XTRF-23509Minor Improvement: Transferring invoices to QuickBooks Online
XTRF-23514Minor Improvement: Text in Client Notes
XTRF-23531Minor Improvement: Smart Views instructions appearance
XTRF-23536Minor Improvement: Adding vendors in Availability Request
XTRF-23564Minor Improvement: Dashboard Note icon on Dashboard view



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-23357Minor Improvement: FTP password management
XTRF-23410Minor Improvement: E-mail notification while selecting vendor for Job
XTRF-23464Minor Improvement: Smart Views: view list visibility in Chrome browse
XTRF-23465Minor Improvement: Testing CRM email template
XTRF-23470Minor Improvement: Uploading file in Social Media tab while creating user
XTRF-23489Minor Improvement: Localization issue in file upload window
XTRF-18377Improvement: API extensions to Tasks and Projects
XTRF-23473Improvement: Displaying loader when change, edit or clone Smart View



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-23275Minor Improvement: Varying the names of the columns in Smart Views
XTRF-23309Minor Improvement: Overall Evaluation without any evaluated job
XTRF-23400Minor Improvement: Enhancing Salesforce integration after update
XTRF-23431Minor Improvement: Displaying Vendor/Client Contact Person information
XTRF-23451Minor Improvement: Opening directories using Directory option on delivery e-mails
XTRF-19994Epic: Augmenting Smart Views



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-23229Minor Improvement: Editing Start Date while selecting vendor
XTRF-23261Minor Improvement: Job numbering scheme in project workflow
XTRF-23298Minor Improvement: Copying files from Input to Output
XTRF-23302Minor Improvement: Multiple Change Confirmation in Custom Fields
XTRF-23338Minor Improvement: Uploading CAT analysis file after converting quote to project
XTRF-23359Minor Improvement: Contact Person propagation while using Project Template
XTRF-23381Minor Improvement: Adding Customer Contact Person filter



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-23241Minor Improvement: Quote Expiry reminders not sent for rejected quotes
XTRF-23246Minor Improvement: Vendor Rates: "Any but..." in specializations
XTRF-23279Minor Improvement: Number of displayed items in shared Views
XTRF-22774Improvement: Integration test message - Kilgray no longer supports memoQ 2014 2014 R2 7.5



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-23216Minor Improvement: Handling expired edition in Smart Views
XTRF-23265Minor Improvement: PDF Vendor Invoice Specification library
XTRF-23286Minor Improvement: Adding new users to the Home Portal
XTRF-23287Minor Improvement: Searching files in Resources in Workflow
XTRF-23290Minor Improvement: Multiple Change issue with changing custom fields



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-23107Minor Improvement: Handling timeouts while integrating with Salesforce
XTRF-23191Minor Improvement: Fixing Show Warning for Jobs Attempted to be Finished without Output Files option in Workflow Definition
XTRF-23198Minor Improvement: Filenames of output ZIP files
XTRF-23199Minor Improvement: Sharing view in Smart View
XTRF-23206Minor Improvement: Extending time slot of CSV export
XTRF-23208Minor Improvement: Customer Portal API: PUT on customFields
XTRF-23249Minor Improvement: Selecting language from Customer Contacts - Multiple Change drop-down menu



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-23118Minor Improvement: Price Profile view: Date filters
XTRF-23168Minor Improvement: Branch-level Set Sender Address field visibility in GUI
XTRF-8973Improvement: Select_all and Select_all_on_this_page in Smart Views



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-22960Minor Improvement: Customer selection from the list when creating quote/project
XTRF-22999Minor Improvement: Change of special characters while dowloading a file
XTRF-23047Minor Improvement: Saving and updating Feedback/Evaluation for a language
XTRF-8973Improvement: Select_all and Select_all_on_this_page in Smart Views



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-22864Minor Improvement: Cut icons in top bar menu
XTRF-22883Minor Improvement: Number-type filters with comma separator
XTRF-22895Minor Improvement: Improvement to multiple change feature when applied on large number of items
XTRF-22978Minor Improvement: Download column in Document Templates browse
XTRF-22980Minor Improvement: Smart Views: Tasks - Add Activity
XTRF-22981Minor Improvement: Smart Views: Jobs: Add Actitvity
XTRF-22982Minor Improvement: Smart Views: Projects export
XTRF-22985Minor Improvement: BIRT 2 built-in templates - Default status after BIRT 4 restore
XTRF-22995Minor Improvement: Issue in Salesforce synchronization
XTRF-22996Minor Improvement: Edit default views
XTRF-22316Improvement: Smart Views: search Customers by email
XTRF-22993Improvement: Cannot determine activity with all CAT Tool files



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-22615Minor Improvement: Copying Project Coordinator from client profile to quote when requesting quote from Customer Portal
XTRF-22921Minor Improvement: Adding confirmation message when triggering Synchronize All action in Workflow Graph
XTRF-22929Minor Improvement: Run Once action with one subscriber in Periodic Jobs
XTRF-22945Minor Improvement: Enhancing QuickBooks migration scripts in terms of invoice synchronization
XTRF-22662Improvement: Column names in Smart Views
XTRF-22867Improvement: Changes in adding/removing/naming of built-in Document Templates



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-22881Minor Improvement: Switching off Opportunities module while synchronizing with Salesforce
XTRF-22885Minor Improvement: Field matching between XTRF Platform and QuickBooks: vendor invoice internal number as memo in QuickBooks
XTRF-22891Minor Improvement: Copy Salesforce AccountNumber to AlsoKnownAs
XTRF-22914Minor Improvement: Importing of vendors and clients
XTRF-22923Minor Improvement: Importing vendors with contact persons
XTRF-22924Minor Improvement: Importing contact persons for given vendor



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-22719Minor Improvement: Opening and downloading Memsource TM in resources using the button
XTRF-22743Minor Improvement: Displaying messages while browsing client resources
XTRF-22745Minor Improvement: Adding vendor with conversion issue
XTRF-22755Minor Improvement: In-house vendors assignments
XTRF-22810Minor Improvement: Enhancing messages when saving changes in Customer Resources
XTRF-22816Minor Improvement: Notes in QuickBooks synchronization
XTRF-22825Minor Improvement: Improving memoQ integration in regards of analysis recognition
XTRF-22847Minor Improvement: Refreshing page on Safari
XTRF-22855Minor Improvement: QuickBooks integration - sending Invoices for selected client
XTRF-22859Minor Improvement: Truncated texts in Smart Views
XTRF-22860Minor Improvement: Editing payables
XTRF-22881Minor Improvement: Switching off synchronization with Salesforce for Opportunities module
XTRF-22887Minor Improvement: Number-type filters for comma separator in views
XTRF-22900Minor Improvement: Starting Job when Availability Request and Start Right Away is used
XTRF-22904Minor Improvement: Creating task without specialization while integrating with Memsource
XTRF-22711Improvement: Mailbox - Sent messages are not linked with client
XTRF-22738Improvement: BIRT-4 built-in Document Templates are available in all language versions in display
XTRF-22663Minor Improvement: Creating project in memoQ
XTRF-11508Epic: BIRT-4 Generator



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-22652Sub-task: Directory for Document Templates
XTRF-22654Sub-task: Language code in Document Templates code shouldn't be changed
XTRF-22414Minor Improvement: Issues with Salesforce synchronization
XTRF-22715Minor Improvement: Capitalization of Invoice statuses
XTRF-22723Minor Improvement: Enhancing Add Customer Invoice filter
XTRF-22724Minor Improvement: Refreshing Receivable panels
XTRF-22725Minor Improvement: Synchronization of Salesforce - Opportunity without Account
XTRF-22736Minor Improvement: Create Payment option in Smart Views
XTRF-22749Minor Improvement: Switching to old Browses in Provider Price Profile selection
XTRF-22755Minor Improvement: In-house vendors assignments
XTRF-22758Minor Improvement: Adding icons to browses
XTRF-22764Minor Improvement: Fixing Accept/Reject URL when Availability Request for one job is sent to provider
XTRF-22767Minor Improvement: Characters in BIRT-4 Document Templates
XTRF-22769Minor Improvement: Enhancing job evaluation filters
XTRF-22777Minor Improvement: SDL Passolo 2011 analysis
XTRF-21954Epic: Enhancement in XTRF Style Guide
XTRF-22739Improvement: Removing Built-in option in Create Document Templates display
XTRF-22721New Feature: Ability to delete/remove a task from a quote
XTRF-22542Task: Messages in Smart Views



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-22372Minor Improvement: Localization: Serbian (Latin) code
XTRF-22487Minor Improvement: Localization in German
XTRF-22640Minor Improvement: Memsource settings display
XTRF-22645Minor Improvement: Non-Ascii characters in package names
XTRF-22651Minor Improvement: Message filters
XTRF-22660Minor Improvement: Suggestions for Client field in Payments
XTRF-22667Minor Improvement: Multiselection in Smart Views while using Internet Explorer
XTRF-22674Minor Improvement: Customer Invoice Property filter
XTRF-22688Minor Improvement: Editing default CAT grid
XTRF-22694Improvement UI: Workflow graph buttons
XTRF-22697Minor Improvement: Showing results in Availability by Productivity as Text column
XTRF-22699Minor Improvement: Availability by Productivity, Availability by Productivity as Text columns in Smart Views in Vendors Module
XTRF-22709Minor Improvement: Smart Views Filters with Boolean value
XTRF-22710Minor Improvement: QuickBooks Invoice appearance after synchronization
XTRF-22687New Feature: Ability to start or send a quote using API
XTRF-22704New Feature: Add tasks to a quote similar to the one for projects
XTRF-22280Task: Localization in English
XTRF-22701Task: Localization changes



Ticket No.Description
XTRF-18048Minor Improvement: Two Prepare Packages actions in SDL Trados Studio integration
XTRF-22047Minor Improvement: Issue with output files policy in workflows with integration



Minor Improvement: Smart Views Filters
XTRF-22458Minor Improvement: Default settings of BIRT2 Document Templates while creating project
XTRF-22481Minor Improvement: Birt 4 Document Template Test Cases execution
XTRF-22582Minor Improvement: Bundle flow in workflows while clearing database
XTRF-22585Minor Improvement: Merging vendors
XTRF-22586Minor Improvement: Adjusting availability requests
XTRF-22611Minor Improvement: Using Change and Apply button in Edit mode
XTRF-22624Minor Improvement: Filtering rule for a particular job's request
XTRF-22629Minor Improvement: Improving Evaluation column in Smart Views
XTRF-22644Minor Improvement: Improving Quote Conversion
XTRF-22650Minor Improvement: Displaying Edit and Send tooltip message.
XTRF-22655Minor Improvement: Localization issue while changing BIRT version in Built-in templates
XTRF-22664Minor Improvement: Enhancing filter for Specialization query
XTRF-19464Improvement UI: design of password reset page
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