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Acceptance of Terms tabThe Acceptance of Terms tab records if and when the provider accepted the terms in the Provider Registration Form.

You as the project manager can record that the provider has agreed to your requirements, but if you have given access to this tab on the Partner Zone, the partner can manually do it.

You can have your working terms appear whenever a new provider logs in to the Partner Zone for the first time. Go to System > Configuration > Partner Management > Partner Zone Configuration > Provider and select the Check Provider Acceptance of Terms tickbox. Now whenever a new provider logs in to the Partner Zone, the provider is prompted for a response to your company's working terms. The provider cannot advance to the Partner Zone until he/she clicks on Accept.

Acceptance Date

The date when the terms were accepted.

XTRF automatically records the date and time when you or the provider clicked Accept Terms.

If you want to set a different date, you can either manually enter the date and time in the appropriate date format set in System Configuration into the field or click Calendar and select from the calendar.

StatusThe current status of the provider's action to the terms. If the provider has not agreed to your requirements, the status reads "Not Accepted". After the terms have been accepted, the status changes to "Accepted", and it is noted if either the project manager or the provider accepted the terms in this tab.

After the provider accepts, the predefined terms in the Provider Registration Form agreed upon by you and your provider appear in the Terms field.

 To enter your terms, go to System > Configuration > Templates > Expressions and edit the item Provider acceptance of terms message.

Accept TermsEither you or the provider clicks this button to record when the terms were accepted and who performed this action.
EditClick to modify the tab.
SaveClick to apply any modifications.
CancelClick to terminate the modification process.