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Target audience: XTRF Platform's users






A Project Manager can access files in XTM directly from the workflow to preview and download before sending the ready files to the client.



The example provided below illustrates how to perform the procedure when using XTRF with XTM integration. The workflow presented here consists of XTM project creation, translation and project finalization. Let's assume that the project manager wants to access an XLIFF file.

1. When you begin the task in XTM, the following graph is visible:

2. Go to the External System tab and click Preview Files.

  A new window opens. 

3. In the Preview Files window, select the desired workflow job file and the file preview type. For this example, the project manager selects "XLIFF".

4. Click Export.

5. When finished selecting files, click   to close the window. The XLIFF file will then be saved in the Preview directory in the file commander below the workflow graph. 

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