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For a description of the three left-hand panels and the response buttons, click here: Main Data - Quote.

Activities QuoteThe Activities tab is where you create new and manage existing activities for a task. In this tab you can review the activity's main specifics, such as the activity type, its assigned provider and the total agreed for each activity. You can also access the profile of an activity by simply clicking either its information listed in the table or Edit Icon.

 You cannot modify an activity's information directly on this page. To edit a given activity, click on any of the desired activity's underlined information in the table or Edit Icon. When you click on either, you are taken to the activity's Display.

ID Number

The identification number assigned to this activity.

Activity Type

A general type of work to be performed for this task.

Workflow JobA specific job to performed in the workflow for this task.

The provider assigned to perform this activity.

If a provider was not assigned to an activity, click Select Provider. A window appears. For a description of the window, click here: Activity Window.

Total Agreed

The total amount of the total value plus any applicable discounts and/or surcharges for all the payables in this activity.


Click Edit Icon of the activity you want to modify.


Click Delete Icon of the activity you want to delete from the task. When you click on this, a confirmation window appears. Confirm your decision.

Create Activity

Click to create a new activity for this task.

When you click on the button, you are taken to a new page. For a description of the page, click here: Create Activity.

EditClick to modify.
SaveClick to apply the modifications.
CancelClick to terminate the modification process.