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License Agreement

The article presents the features available in the Premium plan of XTRF Language Business Platform. Please keep in mind that your access to the described options might be limited due to your license agreement. If you would like to change your plan of XTRF Language Business Platform and gain access to the additional features, contact your XTRF Customer Success Manager.

Target audience: Administrators, Project Managers




Document Templates in XTRF Platform

In XTRF Platform you can find a set of Document Templates available by default. The default set of the Document Templates is prepared within the BIRT-2 version and give you an opportunity to generate documents for your partners, such as invoices or receivables, in the PDF format. In addition, you can get a series of Document Templates available not only in the PDF format, but also in the DOCX format. This package of files is prepared using the BIRT-4 version and can be downloaded from the XTRF repository. Within the Document Templates you can produce the final version of documents for your partners within a desired layout. Additionally, you can localize the Document Templates conveniently selecting an appropriate language while uploading them to XTRF Platform - the final documents can be then generated in a required language.

This article instructs you how to get a package with already ready-to-use Document Templates and upload them to the Home Portal in XTRF Language Business Platform. Afterwards you can use them to generate the final documents for clients and vendors.







Before Reading a Guide

  • The steps without any marking are mandatory to perform because they ensure carrying on a proper function of the Home Portal.
  • The steps marked with the (Optional) label give you information about settings useful for you in terms of fulfilling specific requirements for your projects, but if you skip them it will have no negative effect on the function of the Home Portal.


Semantics in Terms of Document Templates

In the article the following semantics is applied regarding the Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT) version used to prepare Document Templates :


Link to the external page

BIRT software project: http://eclipse.org/birt/about/

Download the Document Template Files Package

To get a package with a default set of Document Templates prepared with the BIRT-4 version, perform the following steps:


Go to the XTRF repository location that was provided by us.

Gaining Access to the XTRF Repository

Mind that the XTRF repository is password-protected. To gain access to the XTRF repository, please contact the XTRF Support Team to get the current password.





 From the XTRF repository download the templates_2015_birt4.zip package and store it on your local machine.
 Extract the templates_2015_birt4.zip package locally. The default folder name after unzipping the package is templates_en_2015_birt4.

On your local machine go to the \templates_en_2015_birt4\1.0.x\PDF folder; where x means the version of the downloaded package, for example 1.0.13. You should see the following set of *.rptdesign files:




BIRT-4 Document Templates

From the XTRF repository you can get the thirteen Document Templates created within the BIRT-4 version. These templates are the most commonly used in XTRF Platform in the business translation process with your partners. You can find there ready-to-use templates for invoices or quote confirmation documents. All templates are prepared in English, although they can be easily localized for a given language available in XTRF Platform.


Upload a Document Template

To upload a Document Template to XTRF Platform and afterwards, to be able to generate documents in the PDF and DOCX formats in the Home Portal, follow the steps:

Ready Document Template Files

Please mind that the following steps instruct you how to upload Document Templates prepared within BIRT-4 version. Because the Document Templates are not built-in to XTRF Platform, therefore you need to have ready-to-use Document Templates files stored on your local machine before start performing the following steps.



 Sign in to the Home Portal of XTRF Platform.
 Click the  icon.
 In the accordion menu click the Templates and then select the Document Templates.
 Click the +Add button. You are redirected to the Create Document Templates display.

Provide a name of a template you are going to upload. For example, Customer Charges EN-US.

Document Templates Localization Names

It is highly recommended to add a localization symbol to a Document Template name if you want to have a given kind of Document Templates for more than one language. The most important reason for that is that you need to add a Document Template entity for each required language to have the Document Template localized.




 Set a type setting to the Autodetect value from the Template Type drop-down menu.

Autodetecting Template Type

It is highly recommended to set the Template Type setting to a Autodetect value. XTRF Platform recognizes the files which are going to be attached for a given Document Template. If you select other option, please mind that you might experience issues while managing Document Templates files. For example, the preview of the document might be unavailable.




Select a language in which you are going to use a given Document Template.

Document Template Language

It is highly recommended to select a language in which you want a given Document Template to get localized. For example, if you want to use your Document Template for German documents, you need to select a German language. After uploading the Document Template and saving all changes your Document Template might be used to generate documents for your partners in German. Please note that the automatic localization of your Document Templates is only executable for the languages defined in XTRF Platform.




(Optional) Select the Default checkbox if this Document Template for a selected language should be used as a default one in your Home Portal.

Default Document Templates

When you add a Document Template to the Home Portal selecting the Default checkbox, your Document Template is going to be added to the list with the default templates, although the language setting might differ from the global one.




Select the Active checkbox if this Document Template should be available for use in your Home Portal.


 To upload the desired Document Template file, follow the steps:

    1. Click the Add files... button. The file manager window available on your local machine appears.
    2. Select the Document Template file you want to upload to XTRF Platform. The file format of the uploaded file should look as follows: DocumentTemplateFilename.rptdesign. The names of the attached file should appear in the Create Document Template display.

      Please mind that you can upload only one DocumentTemplateFilename.rptdesign file while adding a new Document Templates to XTRF Platform.





Click the Save button. You have just added the Customer Charges Document Template to your bunch of the Document Templates.


Generating Documents in the DOCX Format

If you want to enable you or your employees to generate documents in the DOCX format you can easily accomplish it by setting up the DOCX setting from the Output Format drop-down menu.

Generating Documents in Many Languages

Please bear in mind that if you want to have the same document available in many languages you need to upload the Document Template for each language separately.

Tips and Tricks

To find more information on the Document Templates topic, go to the following articles:




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