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The Advanced Configuration (available in General Configuration) allows you to configure multiple settings, related to all aspects of work in XTRF™, which are applied to all system users.

System customization done by single user for themselves, are available in Preferences.


In the System tab you can manage:

  • General settings of XTRF™;
  • Defaults system settings, applied to all users;
  • Specific Formats (date, time, separators, etc.);
  • E-mail account and mail server configuration;
  • Access and configuration of the FTP;
  • Base System Currency and its exchange rates; 
  • Audit tab monitoring of actions performed in XTRF™ by its users.

In the Provider tab you can manage:

  • Default Values, where you can set the Provider's default language, invoice type and price profile;
  • Payment Terms, where you decide how and when the Providers will receive payment for their work;
  • Invoice settings, where you decide who will be informed when the invoice for the Provider is ready;
  • Vendor Availability, where you set up the standard working hours of your Providers.

In the Customer tab you can manage:

  • Default Values, where you set the Customer's default language and price profile;
  • Payment terms, where you decide how and when the Customers should pay you for the Projects;
  • Invoice settings, where you decide if you want to be able to modify the invoices generated by the system.
 You can also configure the default settings for all Quote/Project created in XTRF Platform, Project Manager's Dashboard, automatic CRM notifications and Satisfaction Survey.