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License Agreement

The article presents the features available in the Premium plan of XTRF Language Business Platform. Please keep in mind that your access to the described options might be limited due to your license agreement. If you would like to change your plan of XTRF Language Business Platform and gain access to the additional features, contact your XTRF Customer Success Manager.

Target audience: Project Managers



Before assigning a job to a given vendor, you might want to ask them first about their availability for the job offer. XTRF Platform gives you an opportunity to send requests to vendors to find out if they are willing to do the offered jobs in the specified time frame. To do so, you need to send the details of a job within a request. In XTRF Platform, such a request is called the Availability Request. When you, as the Project Manager, send it from the Home Portal, a vendor receives an e-mail with links to the detailed job description in the Job Manager. This facilitates making requests in a timely manner, especially if the deadline for completing a given task is very tight. The Availability Requests can be sent while:

  • You are creating a quote. When planning a project, you create a translation quote. Within this quote, you can send Availability Requests asking your vendors if they want to participate in the project. This helps you to plan your and your vendors' work. 
  • You are creating a project. You want your vendors to confirm that they are able to do the offered job within the specifications.


Before Reading a Tutorial

  • The steps without any marking are mandatory to perform because they ensure carrying on a proper function of the Home Portal.
  • The steps marked with the (Optional) label give you information about settings useful for you in terms of fulfilling specific requirements for your projects, but if you skip them it will have no negative effect on the function of the Home Portal.



Create and Send Availability Requests

Go through the following steps to create and send availability requests, and to assign a vendor who accepted the request to the job in question. In this section, it is assumed that a project with a translation job has already been created, and the Project Manager wants to find a vendor who is willing to do the job.

Create Your Process First

Before performing the below steps, make sure that you have already created a quote or project. To learn how to that, go to the following articles:




In the left-hand pane, select a task you want to assign your vendor to. The selected item appears in boldface.

 Click the icon.
 Go to the Workflow Graph tab.

Click the  icon for the job where you want the request to be sent. Make sure that the job status is set to Opened. You are redirected to the last visited tab for a given job.

 Go to the Requests tab for the selected job.

In the Requests tab, click the Select Vendors Manually button. The Select Vendor Price Profile pop-up window is displayed.

  • Select a price profile for the vendor you want to offer the job to by selecting a checkbox next to the vendor price profile. Click the Add Selected button just below the price profiles list.
  • You might want to narrow down the displayed vendor entries using a search field located on the left-hand side. Next, double-click the vendor who will receive the job request.
  The Select Vendor Price Profile pop-up window closes.

The Availability Requests pop-up window is displayed.

    1. Click the icon in the Deadline section. The calendar pop-up window appears.
      1. Select a month and year as a deadline date for your project.
      2. Select the last day for the vendors to reply to the request sent by the Project Manager. The calendar pop-up window closes.
    2. (Optional) You may attach files for translation for a given job:
      1.  Click the Add files... button. The file manager window is displayed on your local machine.
      2. Select the files you want to upload. These files are sent to the vendor only for review.
    3. (Optional) Click the icon. You can verify the content of the e-mail that will be sent to selected vendors.
    4. Click the Send button.

      E-mail Notifications for Your Vendors

      Upon clicking the Send button, the selected vendors will receive an e-mail notification with the job offer. In the e-mail notification, the vendors can click the links pointing to the job in the Job Manager. In the Job Manager, they can accept or reject the job. If you have added the files for translation in the Availability Requests pop-up window, these will be sent as an attachment to the e-mail notifications. 




The status of your workflow job has changed to Requested:


When the vendors accept or reject the job in the Job Manager, you receive e-mail notifications with information on the vendors' readiness to perform the job offered. Note that the statuses of the requests have changed accordingly.


Statuses of the Availability Requests

 The statuses of the Availability Request might be as follows:

  • Tentatively Selected: This status is set when a vendor from the list of all selected vendors accepts an offer in the Job Manager as the first, but the Project Manager has not chosen the vendor to perform the job.
  • Tentatively Approved: This status is set when a vendor accepts an offer in the Job Manager, but as the second or the next one. At that moment the Project Manager has not assigned any vendor to perform the job.
  • Rejected: This status shows up when a vendor rejects an offer.
  • Selected: This status is set when a vendor accepts an offer and the Project Manager assigns the vendor to perform a given job.

Click the Select Vendor link in the row with the vendor you want to assign a job to. The status of the job changes from Tentatively Selected to Selected.

E-mail Notifications Sent to Vendors

Selecting a vendor triggers the following e-mail notifications to be sent:

  • E-mail notification sent to the selected vendor: The vendor is informed that a given job will be assigned to them.
  • E-mail notifications sent to the vendor: The vendors are informed that another person has been selected to perform the job.




The status of the given job has changed to Accepted. You have assigned your vendor to a job in the task.

Job Status Set to Requested

Please bear in mind that you can only start your workflow when you have selected a vendor. It means that the statuses of the jobs in the workflow must be set to Accepted. If they are set to Requested, you cannot start the workflow.



Tips and Tricks

To find some hints on the availability requests, go to the following articles: