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Availability Request:


Availability Request allows sending notifications about tasks to vendors in order to specify their availability and whether they are interested in particular jobs. The  Project Manager should send the Availability Request to vendors once the status of the new project is set to Opened. In such a request the vendor is asked whether they can accept the work on the suggested terms.
While creating a request you can specify:

  • Filtering Rules: Filtering rules allow to limit the group of candidates to whom the query will be sent. Depending on the settings, the filter chooses particular candidates based on the defined criteria, for example 10 appropriate vendors with the minimal rating.

  • Request Deadline: The final date permitted for the vendor's response to the job.

  • Vendor Selection Strategy: A method according to which the vendors are chosen and assigned to a job.


Vendor selection strategies available in XTRF Platform:
  • Manually by PM: Potential vendors respond to offers and the Project Manager manually assigns a vendor to a job. When a vendor responds to a query, their response is displayed in the table.
  • Cheapest at deadline: The system analyses pieces of information about the vendors, their availability, based on responses to queries, and rates. On these grounds, the system assigns the cheapest vendor to the job after the requested deadline. In the Cheapest at deadline strategy the Expired Availability Request Cleaner periodic job is responsible for the choosing and assigning a vendor to a job. It runs once every 10 minutes and is already configured in the system.
    Before the Requested deadline is over you can check at any time which of the vendors has accepted a job and which has the lowest rate.


    To effectively use the Cheapest at deadline strategy remember to add payables to particular jobs and define rates for every potential vendor.

  • First One Wins: The first vendor who accepts a request is automatically assigned to that job.

    You can also set a notification that will be sent to the Project Manager if none of the vendors is assigned to a job. The notification is sent after the set Requested deadline is over.

You can send Availability Requests from several levels in XTRF Platform:

  • From the Availability Requests tab in the task details
  • From the Requests tab in the job details
  • By using the automatic action that is set in the chosen Workflow Definition.



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