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Basic Configuration

The Basic Configuration (available in General Configuration) is a place where you begin to set up the system configuration. If you are really in a hurry, you can start working on XTRF™ after you have saved the settings on that screen - the rest of the system can be configured later and until updated, it will use its default configuration.

Here you can set who will be the System Administrator, what will be the basic settings of system's e-mail account and the location of system folder.

First Name

Here you provide the Administrator's first name - type it in.

Last Name

Here you provide the Administrator's surname - type it in.


Here you provide Administrator's e-mail address - type it in.

If you would like to update the Administrator's account, click Show administrator account to be re-directed to the appropriate user details.

To send the e-mail messages, XTRF™ requires a connection with specific e-mail server (it can be the server of your Company or one of the popular public services, like gmail.com).

Type in the name of this server.

The e-mail settings are automatically transferred to the appropriate fields in E-mail tab of Advanced Configuration.

E-mail address

XTRF™ sends the e-mail messages to your Customers, Providers and system users from a single e-mail account. Provide its address (remember to use the account located on the SMTP Server defined in the field SMTP Server).

Authorisation required

Most of e-mail servers require authentication before sending the message from specific account. Tick the box if your SMTP server also requires it.

If your SMTP server does not require authorisation, the fields E-mail Login and E-mail Password are inactive.

E-mail Login

Provide the login for the e-mail account.

E-mail Password

Provide the password for the e-mail account.

Connection Type

You can connect to the SMTP server using standard, non-secure connection or two types of secured ones SSL and TLS. Use the drop-down menu to select the appropriate one.

System Home Directory

The home directory is a main folder on the server, which is used by XTRF™ to store all data, including the folder structure.

Type in the location of the folder.

System Home Directory configuration is automatically transferred to the appropriate field in General tab of Advanced Configuration.

Click save to save your changes or cancel to resign from them.