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Classic Projects Module

In the Classic Projects menu you can manage the projects you created.

Project Smart Views

The BrowseProjects page allows you to search, create, modify and delete your projects in the Home Portal. You can easily and conveniently do it using the views.

Create a Project

The Create page is composed of two tabs, Main Data and Instructions, where you can provide the important details of and any necessary directions for the project.

Project Templates

In Templates - Project, you can review and create templates which contain frequently used information that can be applied to similar projects. Once a template has been created and later selected on Create - Project, the information is entered into the project automatically.

Browse Tasks

On the Tasks Browse, you can search your records for both open and closed tasks. Here you can modify tasks, as well.  

Browse Jobs

On the Jobs Browse, you can search your records for both open and completed jobs. Here you can also modify tasks.

Browse Resources

In the Resources tab you can browse or upload resource files such as translation memory, terminology or segmentation rules that can be used in workflows. You can select the resource files which will be used in workflows instead of manually uploading the files while creating new projects.

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