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Here you can create a contact to be added to the database.

The Tabs of the Contacts Display

Main Data - Contacts - Provider

The Main Data tab includes such information as the contact person's name, email address and company position.

Social Media - Contacts - Provider

The Social Media tab contains a contact person's other means of communication, such as instant messenger accounts and social network profiles. You can also add a photo of a contact person for reference.

Address - Contacts - Provider

The Address tab contains a contact person's contact information, such as mailing address, telephone numbers, secondary e-mail addresses and website URLs.

Preferences - Contacts - Provider

In the Preferences tab, you can specify the settings to be used in the contact person's Partner Zone and the emails (e.g. the password reset email) sent to him/her. The tab integrates the customisable settings that are set in   Defaults tab , Formats tab and Time tracking tab   of Advanced Configuration . You can decide to use contact person's provider's settings or configure the contact person's Partner Zone and email formatting to his/her liking.


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