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License Agreement

This article presents the features available in the Ultimate plan of XTRF Translation Management System. Please keep in mind that your access to the described options might be limited due to your license agreement. If you would like to change your plan of XTRF Translation Management System and gain access to the additional features, contact your XTRF Customer Success Manager.

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Create Document Templates display 

The Document Templates are incorporated to XTRF Language Business Platform to allow you to simplify your daily business procedures generating ready-to-use documents on the spot.  In the Create Document Templates display you can upload the template file stored locally to the Home Portal. The *.rptdesign file format is supported.



















Template Name field
In the field you need to provide the template name.
Template Type drop-down menu

This setting allows you to define the type of a document which is going to be generated with your template.


Template Type Setting

It is highly recommended to set up the Template Type setting to Autodetect option: XTRF Platform automatically recognizes the type of a template and set it up.

Document Template Type

Please bear in mind that when you have added a Document Template to XTRF Platform, you cannot change the type of template later.

Built-in section

The section is uneditable and set automatically. The two options are displayed:

  • Yes: If the Document Template is available by default in XTRF Platform and no other actions are required. The default set of the Document Templates are these ones prepared within BIRT-2 version.
  • No: If the Document Template is added manually.


Semantics in Terms of Document Templates

In the article the following semantics is applied regarding the Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT) version used to prepare Document Templates :

Language drop-down menu

Select the Document Template's language while adding a new template.


Document Template Language

It is highly recommended to select a language in which you want a given Document Template to get localized. For example, if you want to use your Document Template for German documents, you need to select a German language. After uploading the Document Template and saving all changes your Document Template might be used to generate documents for your partners in German. Please note that the automatic localization of your Document Templates is only executable for the languages defined in XTRF Platform.

Default checkbox

Select the checkbox if you want to decide that this template should be suggested while you create a document of a specific type.


Default Document Templates

When you add a Document Template to the Home Portal selecting the Default checkbox, your Document Template is going to be added to the list with the default templates, although the language setting might differ from the global one.

Active checkboxSelect the checkbox if you want to decide that a given Document Template should be available for selection while you create a document of a specific type.
Add files... button

Click the button to upload the DocumentTemplateFilename.rptdesign file.

If you notice that you have uploaded an incorrect file, you can remove it by clicking the icon.

Save buttonClick the button to add the Document Template to XTRF Platform.
Cancel buttonClick the button to resign from adding the Document Template to XTRF Platform.






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