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Create E-mail PageHere you can create and send a single email to one or multiple recipients. You can also save the email which you have created as a template to be used at a later time.

The subject of the email.

Enter the text into the field.


The people selected to receive the email.

    • Next to the name of the recipients is a drop-down list. The items are:
      • "To" - The main destination of the email and typically sent to primary recipients. There will be as many messages as there are primary recipients. They will not see one another's addresses.
      • "BCC" - A blind carbon copy of the email. The blind carbon copy recipient is hidden from the other recipients in the email.
      • "CC" - A carbon copy of the email and typically sent to secondary recipients.
    • To add a recipient stored in the database, click address book icon. A new window with the Browse page appears. Select the desired recipients and click add selected.
    • To add a mailing list, click mailing list icon. A list of actions appear:

       Click here for a description of the actions...
      mailing list actionsThe list of mailing list actions.
      Load Mailing ListTo select a previously created mailing list. When you select this, the recipients saved in that mailing list appear in Recipients.
      Update Mailing ListTo add or remove recipients from a mailing list. Load your mailing list and then make any modifications in Recipients. Then in Update Mailing List select the mailing list you want to update.
      Create Mailing ListTo create a new mailing list. When you select this, a new window appears. Enter a name for your mailing list and click .
      Delete Mailing ListTo delete a mailing list. Select the mailing list from the list of items.


    • To remove all recipients, click delete icon.
    • To remove a single recipient, click delete iconnext to the recipient you want to delete.

The content of the email.

Enter your message into the text box.

Available Tags

A list of available expression tags.

To search, use the scroll bar and manually find the expression tag. Copy the expression tag you want to use in your email and then paste it into the text box.


A file attached to the email.

    • To attach a file, click add files and select the file you want from your computer.
    • To remove an attached file from your email, click delete icon.
Request for Confirmation

A notification that your recipient has received the email.

To have a notification sent, select the tickbox.

sendClick to send the email to your recipient.
CancelClick to cancel the creation of this email.

Click to view a preview of your email.

When you click on this button, a new window appears.

The email must have a subject and at least one recipient to be viewed as a preview.

Save As Template

To save the email as a template to be used at a later time.

Click to save email as a template.