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Instead of manually entering a partner's financial information for every new charge you have in XTRF, you can simply create an entry which contains all the relevant details and select it whenever a payment method is necessary.

The Tabs of the Payment Method Window

Main Data - Payment Method Window

In the Main Data tab you enter a payment method's primary information, such as how a payment will be made or received, the individual associated with the payment and a unique name for the method itself (e.g. “Joseph's PayPal Account”).

Bank Account - Payment Method Window

The Bank Account tab is where you enter the specific details of a partner's bank account.

Bank Account 2 - Payment Method Window

In this tab you can enter information relevant to an individual who holds an Italian bank account.

Intermediary Account Data - Payment Method Window

Here you can enter the details of the bank which serves as the medium for you and your partner in international payment transfers.

Custom Fields - Create Payment Method Window

Some payment types may contain unique information which require fields that are currently missing from the system. Therefore, in Configuration you can create custom fields for a specific data type.  


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