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The Customer- Multiple Change page allows you to modify multiple providers at once. The page is arranged by tags where you can modify such information as rights in the Partner Zone, competences, rates and invoices.

The Tabs of Customer - Multiple Change

Main Data - Customer - Multiple Change

In the Main Data tab, you can perform such actions as setting a status and category for your customers, allowing access to and configuring the Partner Zone, assigning them to a group and selecting the default payment terms.

Language Combinations - Customer - Multiple Change

The Language Combinations tab is where you can modify or create language combinations for multiple customers at once.

Modify Rates - Customer - Multiple Change

In the Modify Rates tab you can edit, create or delete the rates for multiple customers at once.

CAT Grid - Customer - Multiple Change

In the CAT Grid tab you can configure the percentages of the overall rate allotted to each translated segment and determined by how well it matches the entries stored in a customer's CAT tool.  

Templates - Customer - Multiple Change

In the Templates tab you can select the default numbering schemes and templates to be used for the selected customers whenever you create invoices and other confirmation documents.


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