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The customer display consists of multiple tabs and sub-tabs used to manage the information of a customer. On these tabs you can perform such as actions as entering the customer's contact information; creating a price profile which contains the language combination and activity types that the customer usually requests, as well as the rates applied to them; and logging the amount of time spent on this customer by the users at your agency.  

The Tabs of the Customer Display

Contact Summary - Customer

The Contact Summary page lists the general information of a customer. The main purpose of this page is to serve as a customer's overview.

Main Data - Customer

The Main Data tab is arranged by sub-tabs which contain a customer's personal information, such as address, payment methods and means of contact.

Contact Persons - Customer

In this tab you can manage existing contact persons or create new ones for the customer. A contact person is the individual designated by a customer to receive all information and notifications. As the majority of customers are companies, having a designated contact person entered into the system is important for maintaining an effective relationship with each customer.

Rates - Customer

In the Rates tab, you can create or modify existing price profiles for a customer. In a price profile, you can set unique rates and calculation units which will be applied to a specific activity in a language combination.  

Tasks - Customer

The Tasks tab records all the tasks of a customer. The main purpose of this tab is to enable a user to efficiently monitor the project tasks of a customer.

Messages - Customer

When a user has entered his/her mailbox in Configuration, XTRF can keep a record in the Messages tab of all the work-related emails he/she has received from or associated with the customer. What is more, XTRF automatically recognises the email address of customers entered into the database, and as such, only stores emails directly related to the customer.

Workflow Resource - Client

The Workflow Resource sub-tab is where you can browse or upload resource files such as translation memory, terminology or segmentation rules to be used in the client's workflows. For the client's projects, you can just select from the system the resource files to be used in the workflow instead of having to manually upload the files for each project.

Customer Review - Customer

On the Customer Review tab, you can create a provider account which the customer can use to perform a customer review in a project's workflow. The customer's linked provider account has the same features as and can be configured simililarly to that of a normal provider account; however, the new provider account is directly linked to the customer and basically functions as an additional account for the customer.


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