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This tab of System - Advanced Configuration located in the Advanced Configuration is used to configure the e-mail server for XTRF™, the system's main e-mail account and e-mail queues.
SMTP Server

To send the e-mail messages, XTRF™ requires a connection with a specific e-mail server (it can be the server of your company or one of the popular public services, like gmail.com).

Type in the host name of SMTP server.

E-mail Address

XTRF™ sends the e-mail messages to your Partners and system users from a single e-mail account. Here you need to provide this e-mail account address (remember to use an account located on the SMTP server defined in the field SMTP Server).

Authorisation Required

Most e-mail servers require authentication before sending the message from a specific account. Tick the box if your SMTP server also requires it.

If your SMTP server does not require authorisation, the fields E-mail Login and E-mail Password are inactive.

E-mail Login

Provide the login for the e-mail account.

E-mail Password

Provide the password for the e-mail account.

Connection Type

You can connect to the SMTP server using standard, non-secure connection or two types of secured ones - SSL and TLS, depending on your provider configuration. Use the drop-down menu to select the appropriate type of connection.

E-mail Sender Name

This field allows you to configure the format of the sender's name in the e-mail message.

Use the radio buttons to select between default settings (name and surname) or custom ones. If you have selected Custom Format, click Edit Custom Format to open the Expression Editor and create an expression for the custom sender name.

Redirect All Mail to Admin

If you tick the box in this field, XTRF™ will send all e-mails to the system administrator instead of the original recipient. This function is useful for system test purposes - re-directing the messages to the system administrator will prevent your real customers and providers from receiving junk test messages.

Tick the box to enable the function.

Test E-mail

Type in the e-mail address to which the test message should be sent and press Test to check if it reaches the recipient.

The test message sent is, Congratulations! Your XTRF e-mail settings are correct.

Attachments Allowed in CRMIf you want to allow attaching files to CRM messages sent from the system, tick the box.
Max Attachment Size [KB] (0 - Unlimited)

If you decide to allow the attachments in CRM messages you can provide the size limit of these attachments. If you regularly send your partners the CRM messages with attachments, it is recommended to allow small attachments, in order not to oversize the sent items folder of the XTRF™ mailbox.

Type in the appropriate number.

The default value in this field is set to 0, which actually means there are no limits on the attachment.

This field is active only if you allowed the attachments in CRM messages. If the attachments are not allowed, the field is greyed out and the value -1 is displayed there.

E-mails Queue Info

This read-only field was introduced to display the feedback given by the system regarding e-mail queues.

The following information can be displayed by the system:

  • Started - the e-mail queues are working normally;
  • Not started - there is a problem with e-mail queues. Contact your system administrator;
  • x messages in queue - shows the number of queued messages.
CRM Queue Enabled

Some e-mail servers will not allow you to send a large number of e-mail messages in a short period of time. If this is the case with your server, you can enable the CRM queue. This way the messages will be sent in the longer period of time, but they should not be treated as spam by any server.

Tick the box to create a queue for CRM messages.

CRM Queue - Size (sec) / CRM Queue - E-mails Limit
These two fields show the highest number of CRM e-mails that can be sent in a specific period of time. Type in the appropriate numbers.
Estimated CRM Queue Size

This read-only field shows how many recent CRM messages are awaiting to be sent.

Estimated CRM Queue Flush Time

This read-only field shows how many seconds will need to pass before your CRM messages are sent.

Click Save to save your changes or Cancel to resign from them.