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In this window you can select the recipients of the notification as well as enter the content of the message.  

The user who sends the email.

This field cannot be modified.  


The selected individuals to whom the email will be sent.

    • To send the email to another recipient: 
      1. Click on the drop-down list and select what type of message they will receive. The message types are:


        The main destination of the email and typically sent to primary recipients.

        For quotes and projects, the contact person is automatically selected by default.


        A carbon copy of the email and typically sent to secondary recipients.

        For quotes and projects, the sales person/project manager and the sender are automatically selected.

        BCCA blind carbon copy of the email. The blind carbon copy recipient is hidden from the other recipients in the email.
      2. Start typing the name of the desired user and then select the user from the drop-down list. 
        1. To manually search for a user, click   . A new window with the Browse appears.

      3. To remove a recipient, click  next to the name of the desired recipient.

The subject of the message.

Enter the text into the field.

By default the client's name is included into the subject. For example, "Files delivery for project Client name".


A file attached to the email.

    • To attach a file, click  and select the desired file from your computer.
    • To remove an attached file from your email, click .

The content of the email. Enter the message into the text box.

To send the email for the selected item.
Click to terminate the modifications process.
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