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EasyLing is an advanced tool which allows for easy translation of websites. The translation project management, which is run in EasyLing, can be integrated into XTRF and help LSPs run their website translation projects as a single smooth workflow.

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Translating a website - even just to give an accurate quote - can be a hassle as content is not in files anymore, but generated by Content Management Systems (Wordpress, Typo3, Joomla, etc.), stored in databases, theme files, etc. Easyling integration with XTRF removes all the friction: integrate website translation projects into your workflow.

Basic Features

  • Instant quotation, word and repetition count with one click for any website
  • Content extraction and transfer to your XTRF workflow (via XLIFF).
  • Real-time preview, editing in the original layout
  • Automatic Website Change Detection with email notification
  • Translation Proxy Service (see below) and world-wide Content Delivery Network

The Translation Proxy Service turns a single-language website into multilingual without any IT effort from the Customer's side. The technology works as a translation layer: content from the original website is retrieved, and the actual response (mostly HTML) is replaced on-the-fly, using translation previously created by professionals.


  • No IT effort required on the Customer’s side
  • New content is automatically discovered and flagged for translation
  • Preserves the original layout, for mobile and desktop layout as well
  • Customer can focus on the original website/content, all the language versions will be available automatically
  • EasyLing is based on Google's AppEngine platform (99.95% SLA)
  • Due to the Google's global Edge Cache / global Content Delivery Network, content is served from server closest to the visitor; providing better user experience and SEO advantage
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