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License Agreement

This article presents the features available in the Ultimate plan of XTRF Translation Management System. Please keep in mind that your access to the described options might be limited due to your license agreement. If you would like to change your plan of XTRF Translation Management System and gain access to the additional features, contact your XTRF Customer Success Manager.

Target audience: Vendor Managers





There is number of options to settle up the payments with your vendors. One of them is to pay for  the work hours that the vendor spent on the job. 

The following article describes how to enable the option to log the time spent on the job to your vendors.

What is more, it is very convenient for vendors, they provide the information about the time they spent on the job immediately after the job is finished, thus it is instantly available to you in the Home Portal.

Enable log time for your vendor

This section presents you how to set up this feature. To do so, perform the following steps:

  1. Sign in to the Home Portal of XTRF Platform.
  2. Click the  icon.
  3. Go to the Partner Management tab.
  4. Go to the Vendor Portal.
  5. Locate the Job Manager settings section.
  6. Select the vendor type which be able to declare time spent on jobs.
  7. Select the calculation unit which will be used for creating the payable for the job.
  8. Click the Save button.


Results of loged time by vendor

This section show you the result of the time logged for a job in Home Portal. Of course, it works only when you enabled vendor to log time.

When the job is finished, the time declared by the vendor is automatically used to create the payable.

In detailed section of jobs in Payable tab you can see a table Payables Display Panel. It shows basic information to calculate the amount to be paid.

The Quantity of the payable was supplemented with the time the vendor has declared for this job.

In this way, you can see  the Total Value, which presents finally sum of money.


To see this, perform the following steps:

  1. Sign in to the Home Portal of XTRF Platform.
  2. Go to the Vendors module.
  3. Select the vendor type who has choosen option to pay him for the time which he or she has spent on jobs.
  4. Click Jobs tab.
  5. Select suitable job. The one you have to pay for.
  6. Click Payables tab.
  7. Look at the table below.




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