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The FTP is deprecated as of XTRF 7, and is no longer available for onCloud deployments.


This tab of System - Advanced Configuration located in the Advanced Configuration is used to configure the FTP Server for XTRF™.

If you purchased XTRF™ as Software as a Service (SaaS), please refer to XTRF™ Support Team in order to receive the information on how to configure the server.

FTP Enabled

FTP service allows your users and Partners to have an access to the files from anywhere in the world, having only a computer (or smartphone) with internet access.

If you want to manage your files on an FTP server using XTRF™, tick the box.

FTP Bind Address (e.g.

Each FTP server needs to have IP Address bound to it - the address should be provided here.

Please do not change the default address, unless the System Administrator advises you otherwise. (It can be done if the FTP Server has multiple IP addresses or you want to limit the FTP access to local host only.)

FTP Address for Passive Connections

Type in the server address (or host name) used for passive connections.

The address for passive connections and for standard connections can be the same.

FTP Address

Type in the server address (or host name) used for incoming connections.

The address (or host name) provided here will be used in the e-mail links.

Port Number (e.g. 10021)

Type in the number of the port used for incoming FTP connections.

Most operating systems will not allow unprivileged software to use ports below 1024. In addition, if you set the FTP port for lower than 1024, you will not be able to reboot the FTP Server from XTRF™. The recommended port is 10021.

Passive Port Range (e.g. 60700 - 60999)Type in the range of the port numbers used for passive FTP connections.
Restart FTP Server

If your FTP server does not seem to be working properly or you would like to update its settings, you can restart it from XTRF™. To do it, click Restart FTP Server.

Click Save to save your changes or Cancel to resign from them.