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  For a description of the three left-hand panels, click here: Main Data - Quote. 

Activity Finance TabIn the Finance - Activity tab you can review the exchange rate between the base system currency and the currency used in the provider's price profile for the selected activity. If you have changed the exchange rate in Configuration, you can mark the date here as well.

To change the base system currency or to select which exchange rates are used and how they are updated, go to  System  >  Configuration  >  General Configuration > Advanced   Configuration  >  Currency .  

Exchange Rate

The rate at which the base system currency can be exchanged for the currency used in the customer's price profile for this quote.  

This field cannot be manually modified. To select a different base currency, go to  System  >  Configuration  > General Configuration > Advanced   Configuration  >  Currency . To select a different price profile of the provider, go to the Main Data - Activity - Quote Task tab.


The date when the exchange rate was updated.

Manually enter the date in the appropriate date format set in System Configuration or click Calendar and select from the calendar.

Exchange Rate Updated When

The way in which the exchange rate was updated.

The available ways for the update are:
Manually enteredThe rate was manually entered by a user.
CreatedThe rate was automatically updated by the system in accordance to the settings selected in Configuration.



This field cannot be manually modified. The message here is entirely dependent on the way in which the rate was updated.

EditClick to modify.
SaveClick to apply the modifications.
CancelClick to terminate the modification process.
Back to TaskClick to return to this activity's task.