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My Emails Are Not Being Sent

If your XTRF emails were not delivered to their recipients, the messages may have been redirected to your XTRF administrator. You will need to deactivate the email redirection as well as test the email settings in order to confirm that this was the source of the problem.

Can I Customize a Workflow?

Can I Make a Project File Only Internally Visible?

Some projects may contain files that are intended strictly for internal use. The following procedure explains how you can have a given file only be available to users at your company and not to the project's providers or customer.  

Can I Change a Receivable for the Confirmed Invoice with Ready Status?

Whenever you create an invoice for a task, the task's receivable becomes locked and cannot be modified. However, there are instances where a task's receivable contains an error and you need to correct it. The following steps describe how you can edit the receivable of a task for which you have already created an invoice.  

How Can I Use the Vendor Portal?

The Vendor Portal is a simple yet powerful tool to help improve cooperation with your vendors. It simplifies managing and delivering jobs, managing job offers, submitting invoices and other common tasks. Since XTRF 2014 Autumn the Vendor Portal has been the main tool for your vendors, taking over all functions of the deprecated Partner Zone. Below you can find instructions on how your company can start using the Portal in your daily work.

I Want to Have My Output Filenames Extended with the Language Code

You can have the system automatically rename your output files so that the language code of the target language is included in the filename.

What is ACME Language Services?

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