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When in a Classic Project, editing a Task integrated with Trados Studio, go to the CAT Tools tab > Machine Translation tab, and select an MT Engine from a drop-down list.

Improved MT Engine selection

XTRF Trados Studio integration has been improved to dynamically update the list of Machine Translation engines installed on your Trados. 

To manually select a Machine Translation Engine in a Classic Project in XTRF:

  1. Click on a Task.

  2. In the CAT Tools tab, make sure that an integration with SDL Trados Studio 2021 (or newer) is selected in the ‘CAT Tool’ drop-down menu.

  3. Click on the Machine Translation tab and select the MT Engine from the drop-down list.


Selecting a Machine Translation Engine from the list overwrites the MT engine set in a Trados project template. Choosing ‘Not selected’ preserves the project template settings for Machine Translation.

How to enable improved MT Engine selection in XTRF

This feature is yet disabled by default, leaving only a couple of pre-selected Machine Translation Engines at your disposal. To turn this feature on and extend the list of MT Engines:

  1. Install Trados Studio 2021 (or newer) on your server with the XTRF Platform.
  2. Install the desired MT Engine plugin in your Trados Studio.
  3. Install the 7.3.2 version of XTRF Trados Agent (or newer).
  4. To enable the feature, contact the XTRF Support Team.
  5. Configure the XTRF Trados Agent for MT Engines, or contact the XTRF Support Team for help.

List of Machine Translation Providers

While in theory any MT Engine plugin installed on your XTRF server may work with the Trados Integration, some of them require additional effort from the administrators. If you opt with a less popular solution, and come upon problems with configuring XTRF Trados Agent, please contact the XTRF Customer Success Team.

XTRF integration has been successfully tested against three most popular machine translation providers for Trados:

  • DeepL MT Provider

  • MT Enhanced Trados Plugin by Google

  • Language Weaver Cloud

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