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To add a new user group in the Home Portal, perform the following steps:

 Sign in to the Home Portal of XTRF Platform.
 Click the  icon.
 In the accordion menu click the User Management and then select the User Groups and Rights.
 Click the  Add button to add a new group.
 In the Name field provide a unique name for the new group.
 (Optional) From the Group Leader drop-down menu select one of your Home Portal user to be the leader of the new group. You can select None if there is no leader in the group.
 (Optional) Select the Active checkbox if the the new group should be available for use in the Home Portal.

In the permission matrix assign the access rights for the new group. Select the checkboxes in relevant XTRF domains to assign appropriate rights:

  • Browse - allows data filtering.
  • Display - simply displays data but searching options are unavailable.
  • Create - enables to create new items in the system.
  • Edit - allows users to make modifications..
  • Delete - allow to remove items.
  • Export - enables to export data, for example downloading CSV files.
  • Customize - allow to customize the views.

Click the All button to select all checkboxes in a column. Click the None button to deselect all checkboxes in a column.


Click the Save button. You have created a new user group.


Default User Groups

After the XTRF Business Language Platform installation, there are default user groups available in your Home Portal. You may use them, adapt their properties to your needs or create your own user groups.

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