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To add a new user account, perform the following steps:

 Sign in to the Home Portal of XTRF Platform.
 Click the icon .
 In the accordion menu click the User Management and then select the Users.
 Click the Add button. You are redirected to the General Info tab in the Create Users display.
 In the Username field provide a unique username which should be used for the new user to sign in to the Home Portal.
 In the First Name field provide the first name of the new user.

In the Last Name field provide the last name of the new user.

 (Optional) In the Initials field provide the initials of the new user.

In the E-mail Address field provide the e-mail address of the new user. All notifications from the Home Portal will be sent to this address.

Please bear in mind that the e-mail notifications are the prime form of contact in the Home Portal, therefore it is significant to provide the correct e-mail address.

 (Optional) In the Phone field provide the phone number for the new user.
 (Optional) In the Cell Phone field provide the mobile phone number for the new user. This number is required if you want to enable for this user the SMS notification from the Home Portal
 (Optional) Select the Allow Text Messages checkbox if you want the new user to receive SMS notifications from the Home Portal.
 (Optional) From the Gender drop-down menu select the gender of the new user.
 (Optional) Select the Active checkbox if this user account should be available in your Home Portal. When the checkbox is selected the user is able to log in to the Home Portal.

(Optional) In the Position field provide the position of the new user at your company. You may select from the positions active in your Home Portal: start typing the position name and the Home Portal displays the list of all matching positions.

To add new positions to your Home Portal go to: Configuration > System Values: Basic > Positions.


(Optional) From the Group drop-down menu select the user group for the new user.

User Groups in the Home Portal

Please mind that the user group assignment defines the user's permissions and rights in the Home Portal.

 (Optional) From the Branch drop-down menu select the branch of your company where the new user works.

(Optional) To set up a password for the new user click the Change button in the Password section. The Change Password pop-up widow appears.

    1. In the Password field provide the new password. The password must meet the Home Portal password requirements. For more information refer to: Configuring System Key Settings.
    2. For the safety reasons repeat the password in the Confirm Password field.

    Click the Generate button to automatically generate a random string of characters which can be used as a password.

    Change Password

    The Users may change their password to their own after signing-in to their account. If you leave the password unchanged, a password is set to a random string of characters. In this case the user is able to sign-in username and e-mail using the I forgot my password option.

 (Optional) From the Time Zone drop-down menu select the time zone which best suits to the new user's working hours.
 (Optional) Select the Send Welcome E-mail checkbox if you want automatically send an e-mail notification to the new user while saving the new account. The message contains information that the account has been created and short instruction on how to sign in for the first time.

Click the Save button. You have created an account for the new user.



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