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XTRF is integrated by different means of technology communication with several accounting systems: QuickBooks, Visma, Sage 50, DATEV Mittelstand pro, 1C.


For details, please read the relevant article:


Integration of XTRF system with 1C accounting system http://1c.ru/ is performed by exporting information about invoices created in XTRF to an XML file, which is subsequently imported to 1C by means of a special add-on.

DATEV Mittelstand pro

XTRF makes it possible to send data to DATEV Mittelstand pro http://www.datev.de/portal/ShowPage.do?pid=dpi&nid=116370&stat_Mparam=int_url_datev_mittelstand, an accounting software, by means of a macro.

QuickBooks Desktop

XTRF provides integration with QuickBooks http://quickbooks.intuit.com/, an accounting software developed by Intuit http://www.intuit.com/, popular mostly in the United States, but also in the United Kingdom, Canada and other countries.

QuickBooks Online

Integration with QuickBooks Online http://quickbooks.intuit.com/online/, a web-based version of a popular accounting software developed by Intuit http://www.intuit.com/.

QuickBooks Desktop and Online Integration Compatibility

This article contains a list of compatible versions of XTRF, QuickBooks Desktop (box) and QuickBooks Online.

Sage 50

XTRF makes it possible to send data to Sage 50 http://www.sage.co.uk/softwaresolutions?productSuite=Sage%2050, an accounting software, by means of a macro.


XTRF allows for an integration with Visma http://www.visma.com/, an accounting system, via third-party interfaces.

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