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The invoicing data tab consists of three sub-tabs where you can configure a customer's invoicing data, as well as select your company's account to which the customer should send payments.

The Tabs of Invoicing - Customer

Payment Terms - Customer

In the Payment Terms tab, you can schedule when invoices will be created and create the default payment requirements you want your customer to follow.

Payment Methods - Customer

The  Payment Methods tab lists the ways of keeping the client's financial details in case of any refunds of money to your client. It might happen if there are changes of the contract that your company made with the client. In this tab, you can create, edit or delete a client's financial details to easily handle the refund process.

Templates - Customer

In the Templates tab you can select the default numbering schemes and templates to be used for the selected customer whenever you create invoices and other confirmation documents. You can also choose the account at your company to which your customer should send payments.


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