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The Invoicing tab consists of four subtabs where you can configure a provider's invoicing data and procedures.

The Subtabs of the Invoicing Tab

Invoice Data - Provider

In the Invoice Data tab you can select whether the provider is an individual or a company, whether they're local or from abroad, and enter the VAT / tax number and other relevant data.

Payment Methods - Provider

The  Payment Methods  tab lists the ways in which the provider can receive his/her payment. In this tab, you can create, edit or delete a provider's custom payment method.

Payment Terms - Provider

In the Payment Terms tab, you can schedule when invoices will be created and create the default payment requirements for a provider.

Templates - Provider

In the Templates tab you can select the default document templates to be used for the selected provider whenever you create new invoices, LISA evaluations, purchase orders and multiple purchase orders.  You can also create an invoice note which will appear on any new invoice documents you generate for the provider.


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