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For a description of the three left-hand panels, click here: Main Data - Project.

The Jobs tab is where you create new and manage existing jobs for a task. In this tab you can review the job's main specifics, such as the job type, its assigned vendor and the total agreed for each job. You can also access the profile of a job by simply clicking either its information listed in the table or .

 You cannot modify an job's information directly on this page. To modify the information of a job, click any of the job's underlined information in the table or . When you click on either, you are taken to one of the tabs of of the job's Display.


The identification number assigned to this job.

Job Type

A general type of work to be performed for this task. The job type can determine such information as which vendors are most suitable based on their qualifications and the rates to be used in both the receivables and the payables. 

Workflow JobA specific job to performed in the workflow for this task. Two examples of a workflow job are "pre-proofreading" and "proofreading". Both jobs are categorized as the same job type (proofreading), but they are also two distinct jobs to be performed at separate stages in the workflow. Moreover, while a job type directly affects the job itself (e.g. the rates to be used and vendor qualifications), a workflow job does not. 

The vendor assigned to perform this job.

If a vendor has not been assigned to a job, click . A window appears. For a description of the window, click here: Job Window - Project.

Job Status

The current state of the job.

The job statuses are:

The job was not started.

The request notifications for this job were sent to the vendors, and the project manager is awaiting their responses.

The vendor agreed to perform the assigned job.
The job was undertaken by the responsible individual and is still in progress.
The job was completed by the responsible individual.

The job was voided by the project manager and is no longer needed for the task.

Total Agreed

The total amount of the total value plus any applicable discounts and/or surcharges for all the payables in this job.


Click  of the job you want to modify.

When you click on this, you are taken directly to the job's Display .


Click  of the job you want to delete from the task.

When you click on this, a verification window appears. Decide if you want the task deleted.

Click to create a new job for this task.

When you click on the button, you are taken to a new page. For a description of the page, click here: Create Job - Project Task.

Click to modify.
Click to apply the modifications.
Click to terminate the modification process.