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Language Combinations Multiple Change Customer


The Language Combinations tab is where you can modify or create language combinations for multiple customers at once.


  • To have the system ignore specific information in the modification process, select the Do Not Change radio button for a given field. The information represented in the field will not be modified
  • To add an item to the existing information the customers have, first select the Add radio button and then include the new item. The existing information will not be overwritten.
  • To remove existing items from the customers' profiles, select the Remove radio button and then select the items you want to dissociate from the customers.
Language Combinations

The language combinations frequently requested by the customers.

  • Click the drop-down lists for From and to and select the languages. To add the language combination, click Add Combination Button . The language combination appears in a new table:

Language Combination

    • To remove a language combination from the table, click Delete Icon.
  • To add a language combination which has either multiple source or target languages, click Multiple Combinations. A new window appears. For a description of the window, click here: Add - Language Combination Window.
nextClick to advance to the Confirmation Page.
CancelClick to terminate the modification process.