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On the Logos tab of Customization you can upload and manage the images that are used in XTRF.

The following images can be customized:

  • Document logo (700×410 pixels or more for better print-out quality, placed in top-left corner of each Document Template);
  • Footer logo (64×24 pixels, a small image displayed at the bottom left corner of every single screen of XTRF);
  • Icon logo (32×32 pixels, also known as favicon, displayed in web-browser's address bar);
  • Main page logo (700×410 pixels, appears on login page of Home Portal and in Vendor Portal).
Uploading new image

If you want to upload new image to Images list, please do the following:

  1. Select the type of image you want to upload using the drop-down menu in the Type field below the list;
  2. Click Add Files to open your system browser;
  3. Browse to the image you want to upload and double-click on it;
  4. Once uploaded, the image will appear on the Images list.

You cannot upload two different files as the same type of Image - the uploaded file replaces the existing one.

Other actions available on this page:
ShowClick the Show link in the appropriate field to make XTRF display the image in a pop-up window.
DownloadClick Floppy Disk icon in the appropriate row to be able to download the image to your computer.

Click Waste Bin icon in the appropriate row to remove the image.

Deleting any of the already uploaded images restores XTRF's default.