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The Main Data tab is arranged by sub-tabs which contain a customer's personal information, such as address, payment methods and means of contact.

Main Data Tabs

Identification Data - Customer

The Identification Data tab includes basic information used to organise providers in the database.

Sales Data - Client

Social Media - Customer

The Social Media tab contains a customer's other means of communication, such as instant messenger accounts and social network profiles. You can also add a photo of the customer for reference.

Address - Customer

The Address tab contains a customer's main contact information, such as billing address, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and website URL.

Correspondence Address - Customer

The Correspondence Address tab lists the customer's additional address used for contact.

Invoicing - Customer

The invoicing data tab consists of three sub-tabs where you can configure a customer's invoicing data, as well as select your company's account to which the customer should send payments.

Offices - Customer

If your customer is a company, in the Offices tab you can detail its multiple offices and their staff by constructing a data tree which includes each office and individual customer of that company as separate branches. Once the data tree is complete, you can review the organisation of that company as well as quickly and easily access the profiles of the offices and individual customers simply by clicking on their names in the data tree.

CAT Tools - Customer

The CAT Tools tab lists which CAT tools a customer has or prefers to have used in his/her projects. Its main purpose is to be a reference tool.

System Accounts - Customer

The System Accounts tab contains information and settings related to how a customer works in XTRF. In this tab, you can set the status of the customer and the settings of both the Partner Zone/Portal and FTP.

Acceptance of Terms - Customer

The Acceptance of Terms tab records if and when the customer accepted the terms.


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