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The Main Data tab is arranged by sub-tabs which contain a provider's personal information, such as address, payment methods and means of contact.

Main Data Tabs

Identification Data - Vendor

The Identification Data tab includes basic information used to organise Vendors in the database.

HR Data - Provider

The HR Data tab primarily records when the provider began his/her initial work for your company and completed his/her most recent activity.

Social Media - Provider

The Social Media tab contains a provider's other means of communication, such as instant messenger accounts and social network profiles. You can also add a photo of a provider for reference.

Address - Provider

The Address tab contains a provider's main contact information, such as billing address, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and website URLs.

Correspondence Address - Provider

The Correspondence Address tab lists the provider's additional address used for contact.

Invoicing - Provider

The Invoicing tab consists of four subtabs where you can configure a provider's invoicing data and procedures.

IT Tools - Provider

The IT Tools tab lists which CAT tools, software and hardware a provider has. Its main purpose is to be an organisational tool in the database because it can help you match a provider to a specific project by the programmes and equipment he/she uses.

System Accounts - Provider

The System Accounts tab contains information and settings related to how a provider works in XTRF. In this tab, you can set the status of the provider and the settings of both the Partner Zone and FTP.

Acceptance of Terms - Provider

The Acceptance of Terms tab records if and when the provider accepted the terms in the Provider Registration Form.


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