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Opportunities Module

The Opportunities Module is the core of the sales process. Opportunities are possible deals with your clients. As a Sales Person, you can prepare Opportunities and Offers for your clients which they can browse and consider in the Customer Portal. The Opportunities Module allows you to keep track of all prepared Opportunities and constituting for them Offers, and therefore, efficiently control your potential sales.



Opportunities are potential deals with a given client. For each client you can have multiple Opportunities, depending on possible transactions. Each Opportunity should include only one service and multiple Offers for providing it. If within one service you provide more smaller services, you should consider creating separate Opportunities for each component of the service.



Offers are main components of Opportunities. Each Offer represents different conditions of a deal, therefore you can create multiple Offers within one Opportunity. Your client can compare all prepared Offers and decide which one would be the most appealing for them. As you present the Offers and present them to your client you can determine the status and probability that the particular Offer will be accepted.

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