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License Agreement

This article presents the features available in the Ultimate plan of XTRF Translation Management System. Please keep in mind that your access to the described options might be limited due to your license agreement. If you would like to change your plan of XTRF Translation Management System and gain access to the additional features, contact your XTRF Customer Success Manager.

Target audience: Home Portal's users






Opportunities are the first step in the sales process. You can prepare offers for your clients which might later turn into a project. In opportunities you can prepare offers for your client and see how the offers appeal to them. 

Opportunities Menu

Name fieldClick the name of the Opportunity to edit it. In the example above the provided name is opportunity.
Add offer buttonYou can click the button to add an offer to the Opportunity.
Send email to client button

You can click this button to sent an email about the opportunity to your client. It will attach all pending quotes from every defined offer. The client will be able to decide which one to accept, or decline all.

Sending the notification is possible when the following conditions are met:

  • At least one quote needs to be created
  • The quote amount needs to be larger than 0
  • Opportunity amount needs to be linked with quote
  • The status of the Opportunity is other than 'Closed won' or 'Closed lost'



Follow the legend below to find out how to configure settings appropriately in the Home Portal:

  • Required setting: This setting has to be filled to create the entity.

  • Required and unique setting: This setting has to be filled to create the entity, moreover, the content of this setting has to be one of a kind.

  • Auto-selected setting: If none of the options is selected, the system automatically selects the default or first in the list option.

  • Optional setting: This setting is not required to create an entity.

Opportunities Cards

Find the card you are interested in in the table:


Summary card


In the Summary card you can specify the important details of the Opportunity, including the client for whom the opportunity is dedicated, dates and add notes.


Client drop-down menuYou can select the client for whom the Opportunity is prepared from the drop-down menu.
Started on calendar fieldThe date when the Opportunity starts.
Expected Close Date
calendar field
The expected date when the project should be finished.
Notes fieldInformation about the opportunity visible to all responsible parties.

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1 Offer card


Offers  are components of Opportunities. One opportunity may have multiple alternative offers of which only one can be selected by your client.

Bear in mind that each offer needs to have different name and different properties.

Name fieldName of the offer. Initially the first offer has the same name as the opportunity. Click on the name of the offer to edit it. Bear in mind that each offer needs to have unique name and properties.

Amount section

You can provide the amount in the available field and select the currency from the drop-down menu
Net sectionNet income calculated from the Amount.
Quote section

You can click the Add Quote link. Clicking the link directs you to the Create Quote page. When you prepare the quote you can link it to the offer. Click on the padlock icon which appears when the quote is prepared. The amount from the quote is uploaded to the Amount field.

Only the quote prepared vie Opportunity can be linked to the Offer.


Notes field

Information about the opportunity visible to all responsible parties.

To enter any additional information, click on the field and editing bar will show up. Enter the text into the text box. To save the text, click anywhere outside the text box.

Clone offer buttonYou can click this button to make exact copy of the offer
Status drop-down menu

The status of the sales process for this opportunity. Select the description of the current process stage from the drop-down menu.

To manage opportunity statuses you can go to the Opportunity Statuses subsection in the System Values section of the Home Portal's configuration.

There you can view, edit, add and remove statuses used in opportunities.


Rejection Reason drop-down menu


Rejection Reason is an optional explanation of the Close Lost status. To leave feedback why the offer has been rejected choose one of the following options:

  • Select Rejection Reason from the drop-down menu
  • Provide Custom Reason in the text field. 
Probability fieldThe percent probability of creating a project. This value is used to calculate the Net income from the Amount. The value is linked with the Status, when you change it, the value will be updated respectively . You can change the probability value according to your wish, you can type it manually or use the + and - icons which appear when you hover your cursor over the field .

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 See the related user's guide: Adding an Opportunity

People card

In the People card you can select people who are directly involved in the given Opportunity.
Sales Person drop-down menuYou can select the user at your company that will be responsible for the quote from the drop down-menu.    

Contact Person drop down menu

The individual to whom the opportunity's notifications and ready files are to be sent.    
Add contact person buttonYou can click this button to add another person to the Contact Person drop-down menu. When you click the button the Create Contact Person pop-up window appears.    
First Name fieldProvide the first name of the contact person.
Last Name fieldProvide the last name of the contact person.
E-mail Address fieldProvide the e-mail address of the contact person.
Phone fieldProvide the contact person's phone number.
Create buttonClick the button to add the person to the Contact Person drop-down menu.
Cancel buttonClick the button to discard any changes and close the pop-up window

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