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Here you can find various articles which explain the administrative actions that you may want to perform on your XTRF system. 

Sections Describing Other Administrative Operations

Changing System URL

Import Guide

Importing Data

XTRF Platform allows for quickly importing of large amounts of data to your database. The Import function is available for Clients, Client Contact Persons, Client Rates, Client Price List Rates, Vendors, Vendor Contact Persons, Vendor Rates, Vendor Price List Rates and CRM activities.

Moving XTRF to Another Server

Optimizing XTRF Platform Performance

Restarting XTRF on Windows

This sections explains how you can restart XTRF on a Windows system.

SSL Certificate Installation

Viewing Current Log on Linux

This sections explains how to display current XTRF log on a Linux system.

XTRF Custom Localization - Configuration


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