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On the Project Multiple Change page, you can modify or delete either multiple tasks or jobs of a given project at once. You can also advance multiple task receivables or jobs to the next statuses or reverse them to the previous statuses.  

The type of item to be modified.

Use the radio buttons to select a type. The below table changes to display the type selected here.  

All the tasks and jobs included in the project.

  • For tasks, the table lists the tasks' ID numbers and the language combinations they are associated with.
  • For jobs, the table lists the jobs' ID numbers, job types and the language combinations they are associated with.
    • Select the boxes of the items you want to modify, delete or transition in the workflow.
    • To select all of the items listed in the table, click .


You can only select multiple items of the same type. You cannot perform an action on a task and an job at once.


The type of action to be made to the selected tasks or jobs.

    • To modify such information as start date, deadline and instructions, select “Edit (modify multiple fields)”.
    • To advance or reverse the statuses of either the selected tasks' receivables or jobs', select “Transition (change multiple statuses)”.
    • To delete the selected tasks or jobs, select “Delete (delete multiple jobs or tasks)”. 

Click to advance to the next page.

Click to terminate the modification process.