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On the Transition page, you can change the statuses of multiple receivables by directly moving them to the next or previous step in their respective tasks.

The transition to be applied to all the selected jobs.

    • "Move One Step Forward" – All the selected receivables' statuses advance directly to the next status in their respective tasks.
    • "Move One Stop Backward" – All the selected receivables' status regress directly to the previous status in their respective tasks.
Select the radio button of the desired transition.


Transitioning differs from manually setting the status because you move to the status either directly before or after the current one. Therefore, the destination of each receivable is established by their current statuses and will be different for multiple receivables which are at different stages in their respective tasks. For example, the status of Receivable 1 - Task A is Open and the status of Receivable 2 - Task B is Ready. Both activities are moved one step forward. The status directly after Open is Accepted, so Receivable 1 - Task A's new status is Accepted. Similarly, the status directly after Ready is Sent, so Receivable 2 - Task B's new status is Sent. The path of a job is outlined below the table.


 The task receivables statuses are:
OpenedA receivable was created but was not sent to the client.
AssignedA user at your company was appointed to enter all necessary information for a given receivable.
ReadyThe receivable is complete and can be sent to the client.
CancelledA receivable was voided by the project manager, and its Total Value amount will not be applied to the task's Total Agreed amount.
SentThe receivable was delivered to the client.


The path of a receivable is:
OpenAssignedReady Sent


Click to return to Project - Multiple Change - Edit.

Click to apply the transitions.
Click to terminate the transition process.