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Smart Connector:


The Smart Connectors functionality allows to automatically create projects on the basis of files placed in a specified location, such as FTP server or even e-mail attachments. Smart Connectors are created with your regular clients in mind. With the Smart Connector your client can simply upload the files to the location specified by you to trigger creating a project in the Home Portal. This allows you to avoid creating multiple separate projects by a Project Manager and spend less time when the same type of projects are purchased by your client. Smart Connector can be set up to periodically scan the mapped directory or a specified e-mail inbox for files. As it detects the files in the mapped directory or attached in the e-mail, it automatically creates the project based on those files and the configurations set for your client. The client and the Project Manager are notified by e-mail that the project has started. When the project is finished, the Smart Connector can place the translated files to the folder specified in its configuration and sends your client an e-mail notification.

By default, administrators of the Home Portal can set up and configure a Smart Connector. Smart Connectors must be configured for each client separately. The following settings are available in the Smart Connector's configuration:

  • You can define the location of the monitored folder or an e-mail address: If you map a specific folder for your client to upload the files, they may require access to the external drive.
  • You can program the behavior of the connector: The project is based on these settings.
  • You can set up the client to whom the connector is dedicated: Each client needs a separate Smart Connector.
  • You can specify the person responsible for monitoring the Smart Connector: A person that receives notifications about the Smart Connector's progress or errors if any occur, therefore this person needs to be a user in the Home Portal.






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